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OPINION: KCRCC’s 'vetting' scam

Yes, I’m back at it after a wonderful summer of family celebrations and travel. It has been great to ignore the ...

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EDITORIAL: Arm them against this devastating threat

Roadshow will help you protect loved ones from consumer fraud villains

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BIDEN: Should be seeking solutions

I can’t believe I saw the president of the United States, Joe Biden standing in front of a gathering of striking auto workers, with a blow horn encouraging and egging them on with the strike.

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UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX: ‘Looming disaster’

I read with great interest your Sunday editorial enthusiastically praising Gov. Little’s defense of Idaho purchasing the University of Phoenix. So much so that I looked up his letter as you suggested and read it ...

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33 TRILLION: ‘Fiscal train wreck’

Thirty-three trillion in national debt. One million in hundred dollar bills equals 22 pounds, times 1,000 (a billion) times 1,000 (a trillion) times 33 equals 330,000+ tons of hundred dollar bills. This equals th...

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REGAN: ‘Common nonsense’

Again, Mr. Regan has given his opinion, this time, as a “fact check.” “Progressives are mystified when Republicans work together?” We’re also mystified by the KCRCC and the true Republicans that have not accepted...

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ENDORSEMENT: Houser for fire commissioner

I have known and worked with Pam Houser for over 40 years. Pam has always been tireless in her efforts to support all aspects of the Post Falls community. You will find her fingerprints in everything from support...

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EDITORIAL: Hold the tomatoes and fling some praise

CLN board makes right call on keeping libraries open on Sundays

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SPENDING: Cheaper to fund peace

Imagine if you will, three jars of jellybeans. The first jar contains 860 jellybeans, representing the $860 billion allotted this year from the discretionary fund in the 2024 budget for the military.

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RELIGION: Archaic decision-making denies rights

In 1555, the Reformation threw off the political power of the Roman Catholic church and ushered in the Age of Reason, which eventually made the United States of America a reality. And here we are….

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PROPERTY TAXES: Locals lost my vote

For those that increased your property taxes by the maximum amount allowed by Idaho law, you just lost my future vote. Yes, I will not vote for any of the incumbents on the Coeur d’Alene City Council nor will I v...

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REGAN: Attacks and false facts

Brent Regan ended his Sept. 22 opinion column with, “Now you’re smart enough to see the pattern because for you, it’s just common sense.” I concur. The pattern is Regan’s constant use of the psychological tactic ...

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REGAN: Fabrication about Barnes’ resignation

Once again, in his column of Sept. 22 our arbiter of “common sense” repeats his disinformation to enhance his standing and discredit his opponents. He is repeating the claim that NIC Trustee Michael Barnes was bl...

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SENATE: Questionable priorities

Thank goodness the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate has solved our southern border crisis, stopped the flood of fentanyl and gotten a grip on rising energy prices.

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EDITORIAL: Governor throws a knockout punch

University of Phoenix critique forms fightin' words

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SUBSCRIBERS: Time to support your favorite candidates

City councils, mayors, school trustees and fire commissioners will be on the Nov. 7 ballot. After today, we will publish candidate endorsement or opposition letters from Press subscribers only. This is to ens...