Thursday, August 13, 2020


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OPINION: Freedom Is the Cure?

Carrie: Have you seen the “Freedom Is the Cure” event promoted by an Idaho legislator on Facebook?

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TOURISTS: Controls needed now

Attn Lora Whalen,

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CAMERON: Take your advice

Almost two weeks ago in an article on The Cheap Seats written by Steve Cameron, was an article entitled, “Use your brain when in public.”

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THUGS: Let’s shut them down

I assume your experiences with coronavirus are similar to mine. I find it almost impossible to have a conversation with friends or family without the discussion being penetrated by thoughts pertaining to COVID-19.

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MASKS: Question of effectiveness

I am being compliant with the current mask mandate, but after reading Ruth Brown’s article recently, I have one simple question: If infected health care workers numbers are continuing to climb in Idaho, how can t...

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MASKS: Way better than this

Kudos to Jennifer Drake and her letter asking us to follow PHD’s mask mandate. She is right, our elected officials have let us down. If the mayors of cities in Kootenai County had issued a joint mandate with PHD,...

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LAWS: These are being ignored

I am just wondering how active law enforcement is related to a few issues that seem to be concerns of many that I talk to?

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VENOM: Serves no good purpose

This is a response to Lee M. Gibson on Trump: Leader not a liar.

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TRUMP: Quote sums it up

“After almost four years of Donald Trump, I’ve wondered why conservative voters still support him. I thought maybe they were still angry and afraid, or just ignorant and in denial, or racist, but that’s not it. I...

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COVID: Cook is correct

I’m writing to express my strongest support for the piece in Thursday’s edition of The Press written by Mr. Jim Cook in the “My Turn” section.

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PRESS: Shows pro-mask bias

In response to Pam Nordby’s letter on Aug. 5 questioning Dr. Wayne Fichter’s qualifications to write about COVID, please go back and read his columns so you clearly understand his viewpoint. Dr. Fichter simply wr...

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COLUMN: Drake is worth toasting

Jennifer Drake’s “My Turn” column (Aug. 1) was outstanding. She voiced the sentiments of the large segment of our population who are cooperating with efforts to stem the growth of this pandemic. Such a wise, orga...

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MASKS: Enforce the mandate

Turning onto Coeur d’Alene’s Northwest Boulevard from U.S. 95, motorists see an illuminated yellow sign advising that face masks are mandated in the city. However, continuing east onto the resort city’s tourist-f...

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VOTING: Must be in person

The need for integrity in the upcoming election process can’t be overstated. Vote-by-mail is problematic. Will ballots automatically be sent to every address? Moreover, will they start registering all people auto...

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KINDNESS: Here’s a cool story

I would like to acknowledge an act of kindness. I am a senior and live in an apartment in Rathdrum.

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LETTERS: Couple of coffee chokers

First let me start by stating I think our president is the worst leader I’ve seen in my 68 years. I read the Opinions page religiously and usually see both sides of any subject, but after reading today’s, Aug. 5,...