Saturday, October 31, 2020


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Op-Ed — Vote yes on HJR 4: Protect your representation in the Statehouse

There’s a Constitutional Amendment on your ballot this fall, and to protect your representation in the Idaho Sta...

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VACCINE: The next mandate?

So, the city has mandated the wearing of masks. What’s next? Wait for it…COVID vaccination mandate. You know, for the common good.

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VOTING: Wearing my opinion

Clerk Jim Brannon is overstepping the duties and responsibilities of his office (Post Falls Press, Oct. 27).

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ARTICLE: Substantiated bias

This is an open letter to staff writer Craig Northrup.

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CHURCH: Stay out of politics

I recently moved to Coeur d’Alene and visited St. Joan of Arc church in Post Falls and I heard a rather disturbing homily about socialism.

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PHD: Out with these four

Panhandle Health District’s board members Banks, Balley, Fitzgerald and Kirby should step down, asked to resign or be removed.

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You don't need to stand alone

Better to stand together than alone.

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RACISM: One local’s perspective

It sure gets tiresome listening to how racist and evil white people are.

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MANDATE: Exercise in futility

I believe the city’s recent decision of mandating masks and the state’s backpedal to Stage 3 are actually irresponsible and borderline insane.

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RACISM: No charges alleged

After reading a few letters to the editor Wednesday, I find it important to clarify the Coeur d’Alene City Mayor and Council made no statements implying a specific group or individuals lawfully assembling in the ...

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LETTERS: Right back at you

Wow, I really must respond to the two letters in last Friday’s paper, one from Oregon and one from Washington.

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MASKS: Take it from Dad

An endless thank you to Barb Hallet for telling it like it is with respect to these panty waist, don’t tread on me babies whining about having to wear a mask during a pandemic.

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COVID: Yes, it’s a thing

They’re not telling the truth. We don’t want to hear it.

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MASKS: So little to ask

I am 100% for wearing a mask out in public. You don’t have to wear a mask to take out the garbage, clean out the garage, mow the grass, etc. Just wear it when going out where there will be other people.

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MANDATE: Thanks, Cd’A Council

I am amazed at the number of truly unkind people living in our area. Thank you City Council for passing the mask mandate. It is obvious education did not work.

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MANDATE: Right call, Cd’A

Thank you to the City Council for their 90-day mask mandate. I regret that the PHD waived their mask mandate due to pressure from some aggressive individuals.