Monday, January 25, 2021


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Op-Ed: Fulcher stood alone with election objection

All four members served in leadership positions in the Idaho Legislature early in their political

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BIRDS: We all flock together

In response to Mr. Shackelford’s letter (Jan. 17), there are a few other northern varieties of vireo you may be observing — Blue-headed Vireo, Plumbeous Vireo or Cassin’s Vireo.

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Legislature’s actions threaten Idaho’s prosperity

My fellow Idahoans, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as your Governor I have

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CLIMATE: A bipartisan solution

Britain recently announced a ban on the sale of new diesel and gasoline powered vehicles as part of a “green industrial revolution” designed to confront climate change.

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THEM: Maybe they’re right

Hey all you folks out there who don’t want to wear a mask, I hear you.

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STORY: Buley tells a beauty

I just wanted to compliment Bill Buley on a wonderfully written article about the lone pine that fell.

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PARENTS: Source of decisions

Jerry Castel’s letter to the editor went right to the heart of the matter.

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FACEBOOK: Pull the plug

Many of you use Facebook to keep in touch with friends/family, etc.

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Governor on right track vs. virus

Brad Little is doing the right thing for Idaho.

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CAPITOL: The ‘why’ of violence

The despicable attack on our nation’s Capitol was an assault on our Democracy, and Donald Trump bears much responsibility.

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RIOT: Don’t compare to BLM

As the depth, the truth and the horror of the capitol riot Jan. 6 becomes ever more evident, so does the flood of false equivalence and comparisons to BLM.

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MASKS: Realtor ignores mandate

My family has a condo at Riverstone in Coeur d’Alene.

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COVID: Stats that matter

Re: COVID-19 Watch panel, Sunday, Jan. 10, page A3.

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COVERAGE: Seeing a disparity

In your Jan. 15 story “Rally for LGBTQ Youth,” I found it interesting how much press coverage you gave Ms. Olson and how little coverage you actually gave those who attended the “Stop the Child Abuse” rally that ...

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TRUMP: A true believer

Fraud and betrayal — if you listen and watch mainstream (fake) media, I suspect you’d be led to believe the presidential election was fair and honest.

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FREEDOM: Embrace the Constitution

This letter hopefully will capture the attention of our elected officials at the county, state and national level.