Saturday, August 13, 2022


What's there to do in the great outdoors? Here we've got a bevy of local outdoor activities and destinations to explore.

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Walleye world heating up on Lake Pend Oreille

Walleye World

Updated 1 week, 2 days ago
Forest Service issues decision on salvage, restoration project

This decision authorizes salvage operations and fuel reduction on about 3,050 acres within the overall 13,540-acre fire area

Updated 1 week, 2 days ago
Montana man wins Idaho bighorn sheep lottery tag

The lottery for this bighorn sheep tag has raised over $2.1 million for wild sheep in Idaho.

Updated 1 week, 2 days ago
More trout are on their way to Panhandle waters

Those to be stocked with 450 each between Aug. 15-19 include Lucky Friday Pond, Elsie Lake and Lower Glidden Lake.

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River and Sky: A fish biologist’s perspective of counting salmon from the air

However, every September in the Middle Fork of the Salmon River tributaries, fisheries biologists take to the air to get a different perspective of fisheries.

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BASE jumper caught on camera after launching off Mt. Siyeh

A 1965 law forbids “aerial delivery” of people or goods into national parks, but attempts inside Glacier are not unheard of.

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Cruising on calm waters

Lake ride

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Two bears killed after getting into trash

Bears put down

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OUTDOORS.... A taste of nature

Kids and wildlife

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OUTDOORS Fish fill Panhandle lakes

Let's go fishing, kids!

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Looking to head out on a backcountry fishing trip?

Start with a casual, fun trip to get some valuable experience

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Trail Association looking for youth volunteers

Teens sought for three-day river trail maintenance project in July

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Walleye fishing on Lake Pend Oreille continues to yield big rewards for anglers

Since the angler incentive program began in 2019, the vast majority of reward-tagged walleye have been caught in the northern portion of the lake

Updated 2 months ago
Griz grabs moose in front of Many Glacier Hotel

The angry cow moose can be seen chasing the grizzly bear back and forth in front of the hotel on a separate video by Jacob Selcer

Updated 2 months ago
Free Fishing Day offers fun for the whole family

Fish and Game will host statewide events on June 11 to help beginners get started