Saturday, September 26, 2020

Letters to the Editor

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OPINION: Freedom Is the Cure?

Carrie: Have you seen the “Freedom Is the Cure” event promoted by an Idaho legislator on Facebook?

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NIC: Questions are credible

So the local Republican Party would like candidates for public office to answer questions about their relationship to the Republican Party.

Updated 1 day, 1 hour ago
NIC: Accreditation at stake

With regard to the upcoming North Idaho College nonpartisan trustee election, we have witnessed an attempt to inject a partisan ideology into the campaign that if successful could result in a new board majority w...

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ADLER: Renowned, he isn’t

This letter is written in response to your front-page article featuring David Adler on Friday, Sept. 18, who you gloriously described as “a renowned constitutional scholar.”

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RIVERSTONE: The issue of access

Traffic access to and from Riverstone is a problem.

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PRAY: Better than hate

On Saturday, Sept. 26, people are gathering to pray for our wonderful country.

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CDA: Fond reminiscing continues

Follow up to Bernita Lien Carlson’s recent My Turn. Those were the good ol’ days.

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CARTOON: Art, or propaganda?

In the Friday, Sept. 18 edition of The Press was an editorial cartoon by Mike Smith depicting eight separate images of the same small house, each with one word above it shown as spoken by someone within the house...

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SKYDIVER: Kudos all around

This letter is to publicly thank The Press and specifically Devin Weeks for the outstanding, accurate and timely coverage of my recent skydiving adventure to raise money for our wonderful local veterans’ Godsend,...

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TRUMP: Here’s his legacy

A president for none of the people. Where are the men and women in government with guts to stand up to this clown?

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BLOTTER: Udderly hilarious

Finding humor in these trying times is always delightful, especially when it is unexpected.

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GROWTH: Been here, done that

The headline article in the Coeur d’Alene Press on Sept. 20 was “Rapid growth? You are here.”

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ISSUES: And observations

(1) If I lived in California or Oregon, I would sell and move to North Idaho with a pocket full of cash and buy property and drive the price and property tax up so the existing workers, seniors and middle class a...

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ADLER: Questioning credentials

Dr. David Adler, “a renowned constitutional scholar?”

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GREENSFERRY: Better options exist

We have been residents of Post Falls, on Rodkey Drive, for many decades.

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TRUMP: Done more than any Dem

In reference to Paula Neils’ comments on Sept. 11: We have chaos in our Democratic run cities and streets because of mayors and governors who will not do their jobs.