Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Letters to the Editor

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Updated 6 hours, 3 minutes ago
SESSION: Unkind to seniors

Why do our Idaho legislators not like our seniors?

Updated 6 hours, 4 minutes ago
BUMPER STICKER: Honk for Krug!

Referencing the article in LOCAL on Feb. 25, kudos to Pat Krug!

Updated 6 hours, 4 minutes ago
LAKELAND: Keep good thing going

We pen this letter in support of the Lakeland School District levy.

Updated 6 hours, 4 minutes ago
BAR: Cheers for Wash. ban

I’m in Oregon and I’m proud to hear that the Corner Bar is speaking their mind, using their freedom of speech.

Updated 6 hours, 4 minutes ago
NWSH: Great job with vaccines

I would like to congratulate Dr. Jack Riggs, Sandy Patano, Steve McCrea, Tere McCrea and all the volunteers at Northwest Specialty Hospital for the most well-organized team for giving the vaccine shots.

Updated 6 hours, 4 minutes ago
VACCINE: Then and now

As I waited in line for my first COVID-19 vaccine shot, I couldn’t help remembering back to the 1950s when we as kids lined up to get our school shots.

Updated 6 hours, 4 minutes ago
VACCINE: Kroc, Heritage pros

A well deserved “thank you” goes out to the Kroc Center and Heritage Health for the efficient handling of appointments and administering the vaccine.

Updated 6 hours, 4 minutes ago
PERMITS: Relax some permit rules

Building permits are taking way too long these days and in order to speed things up the county should consider reinstating the ability to open up select building projects without the need for complete permits.

Updated 6 hours, 4 minutes ago
DINNER: Last laughs — and thanks

One recent evening three of my friends and I were dining at Applebee’s.

Updated 6 hours, 4 minutes ago
LEVY: Pay it forward

We are seniors who plan to vote yes in the upcoming school levy election on March 9.

Updated 6 hours, 4 minutes ago
LIES: Fuel for uprising

I’d like to summarize some recent happenings to give me perspective and perhaps broaden the perspective of some of my fellow citizens.

Updated 6 hours, 4 minutes ago
SHOLEH: Stands up for seniors

I want to send a big thank you to Sholeh Patrick for her column “Online Expectations of Seniors Unkind.”

Updated 6 hours, 4 minutes ago
LIBRARY: Open kids’ section

After closing its facilities to the public in October, the Coeur d’Alene Public Library will at last open on March 15 — sort of.

Updated 3 days, 6 hours ago
DINNER: Delicious, and free

For the couple who paid for our dinner Monday night at Radicci, thank you!

Updated 3 days, 6 hours ago
MACKAY: Reading is believing

As a longtime reader of the Sunday Business Section, I want to endorse the value of reading Harvey Mackay’s regular column for all people who are involved in management of people and projects or sales.