Friday, October 22, 2021

Letters to the Editor

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Tremendous partnership bites into crime rate

When I was in the process of being selected for police chief in 2014, I was surprised to learn that Coeur d’Alen...

Updated 15 hours ago
ALFIERI: Deserves respect

Your editorial last Friday titled “Cd’A needs more than ‘angry’ in a mayor” was unfairly slanted against Joe Alfieri and toward Jim Hammond, even including a biblical reference to Mr. Hammond as the “anti-Alfieri.”

Updated 15 hours ago
JUDGE: A job well done

Much praise to Judge Cynthia Meyer for her decision to deny the motion to a teen who is accused of rape.

Updated 15 hours ago
ELECTION: Nov. 2 is critical

Anyone else remember what it was like 10-30 years ago in Coeur d’Alene?

Updated 15 hours ago
GINORIO: Column missed the mark

In Mr. Ginorio’s Oct. 15 Op/Ed he attempted to circle the wagons around the term “Traditional American.”

Updated 15 hours ago
CONSERVATIVES: Speak out now

Do you still think the liberal people in Washington will help solve any problem?

Updated 15 hours ago
PAY: That’s not fair

“I pay well.” To the owner of Gathered, $8 per hour is not “paying well!” Walmart pays better than that; even Arby’s pays $14.

Updated 15 hours ago
WASTE: Unmanaged, unminded

While driving around this beautiful part of our planet, have you ever wondered where all the trash we see on the side of the road comes from?

Updated 15 hours, 1 minute ago
GINORIO: Family values, my foot

Mr. Ralph Ginorio, Pray tell us all exactly what is your definition of a “Traditional American?”

Updated 15 hours, 1 minute ago
LAKELAND: Recall a necessity

The current Lakeland Joint School Board concerns me.

Updated 15 hours, 1 minute ago
DRIVING: Put courtesy at the wheel

Move over. I understand that we’ve had a major influx of “newcomers” here in North Idaho.

Updated 15 hours, 1 minute ago
GINORIO: On ‘traditional’ tirade

Two articles, side by side. One, by an esteemed group of former School Trustees, and one by a self-appointed judge of veteran Coeur d’Alene residents as being desperately in need of the influence of “outsiders.”

Updated 15 hours, 1 minute ago
SHOTS: Tough for seniors

I went to Walgreens-Apple Way to get a high dose senior flu vaccine at 8:30 a.m.

Updated 15 hours, 1 minute ago
DEFINED: Portrait of a Graduate

Inspirational: Content knowledge: persistent, academically prepared, financially responsible

Updated 2 days, 15 hours ago
CDA SCHOOLS: CRT and big deficit

Why did Coeur d’Alene Schools Superintendent Dr. Hocker feel the need to send a recent newsletter to school parents?

Updated 2 days, 15 hours ago
POEM: God’s Autumn

The summer flowers have to sleep…