Wednesday, September 22, 2021


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NIC: Silent majority, speak up

The Saturday 18th My Turn in the Press suggesting the “NIC trustees are on right track” highlighted the rescindi...

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Doctor, Press fan flames of alarm

During this health crisis, the public deserves accurate, relevant information.

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Applesauce made with love wins big

Applesauce made with love wins big

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Hispanic influence grows in U.S.

National Hispanic Heritage Month runs Sept. 15-Oct. 15.

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RANDY MANN: It's almost autumn - and Indian summer is here

Also, here's what's up with the huge ozone hole.

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HISTORY CORNER: Battle of Midway 1942

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was Japan’s top admiral during World War II and was the architect of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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C1 My Turn: NIC trustees on the right track

Banducci, McKenzie and Barnes doing what most people want them to do.

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Bomb blast reverberates 35 years later

Bill Wassmuth was on the phone with a friend when the bomb went off.

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Fake Netflix apps spread malware

Consumers love a good bargain, but when receiving online or text message coupons and discount codes be careful.

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SCOTUS: Shadow docket reduces transparency

Supreme Court increasingly rules without explaining its decisions.

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An infusion of civility for what ails us

Main Street column for Sept. 15

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Vaccine mandates aren't new

But today's degree of partisanship might be.

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More showers on horizon before dry spell

Annual snowfall forecast coming next month.

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HISTORY CORNER: History of manners and etiquette

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others,” Emily Post, doyenne of manners and etiquette said. “If you have that awareness, you have good ...

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My Turn: Proposal for unvaccinated COVID patients

Reserve some beds just for them.