Monday, April 12, 2021


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Make sure you keep your skin protected

Here comes your weather info.

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Analysis: Risch says filibuster should stay

It’s not often when Idaho Republican Sen. Jim Risch uses terms such as “great,” “outstanding”

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What St. Vinny's is (and isn't)

St. Vincent de Paul North Idaho – We’re on a Mission! When I received some not-so-pleasant feedback the other day, I wondered how many others shared the s...

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Anna juggled busy schedule to help kids

Many of you know that Anna “Patty Duke” Pearce won an Oscar at age 16 for

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Laughter is good medicine

Really. It can even improve your immune system.

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Responsibility for damage caused by storms

After the severe wind storm in January 2021

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Beauty queens and basketball

Main Street column for April 7

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Don't let legalized pot get foothold in Idaho

The legalization of marijuana (or cannabis) is about to come to our state.

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Volunteer: More health, happiness, jobs

Not that we need an excuse, but if you know someone who could use

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Legislative measures to hamstring the Governor are ill advised

When the Legislature blew into town last January, there was lots

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The Arctic has seen an increase in lightning

It may be a month with near to below normal precipitation totals across North Idaho and the rest of the Inland Empire.

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HISTORY CORNER: The Historic Shenandoah Valley

The Shenandoah Valley shared by both Virginia and West Virginia is truly a natural wonder, with velvety mountain ridges looking down on bucolic meadows, farm...

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Racism alive and unwell in North Idaho

Response to MY TURN by Chris Shelton | CdA Press There Is No Racism in North Idaho? Racism comes in many forms and colors. Mr. Shelton, you might be “blinded by the light” or maybe

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Spending more money doesn’t make schools better

The column in the March 27th paper from the Chair of the Kootenai County Democratic

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Recognizing World Autism Day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day, which has taken place annually on April 2nd