Saturday, May 30, 2020


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Hayden Lake buoys: A practical solution

I own property on Hayden Lake and had a major issue with many boats and jet skis not honoring the 200-foot no wa...

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OPINION: CHUCK MALLOY — Foreign policy looms large in Senate campaign

If you are a die-hard Republican who puts the word “greatness” in the same sentence with Donald Trump — as many within the GOP do — then you’ll probably appreciate how Idaho Sen. Jim Risch does business as chairm...

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Music makes him feel good

You can take the boy out of the 1960s, but you can’t take the songs of the ’60s out of the boy.

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Sorry, no kitties in this corner

Languages provide endless entertainment. I grew up with two in our household, which is probably how it started: Wondering how English became such a hodgepodge of other languages. Etymology is fascinating, at leas...

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Airbnb cancellation policy leaves some dissatisfied

The fallout from COVID-19 continues to affect a multitude of businesses, and Airbnb isn’t immune.

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Primary a marathon for candidates

I’ve been feeling empathy for all of the candidates with their names on the primary election ballot this year. Nothing has been normal in the three-month lead up to the election, which was supposed to take place ...

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Anne Frank: Why her memory matters

After the tree in memory of Anne Frank at G.O. Phippeny Park in Coeur d’Alene was vandalized and a new Japanese stewartia tree and the original plaque were r...

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A quarter of Americans might say no to vaccine

Medical experts are confident a COVID-19 vaccine is a matter of when, not if. Yet even when it’s ready, a quarter of Americans say they don’t plan to take it.

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Opportunity Lost in Post Falls

Back in February, the Press reported on something called the “Opportunity Zone” in Post Falls, a stretch of development-ready properties along the south side of I-90 from Spokane Street east to Highway 41. It was...

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HISTORY CORNER: ‘Seward’s Folly’ in buying Alaska was a brilliant idea

Russians sold it because they were going broke

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Glorious rain here, horrid drought there

After a drier-than-normal April across the Inland Northwest, the storm door has opened and some much-needed rain has fallen over the past week.

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I was there — at that prayer rally!

It was so encouraging after being separated from worshipping together with other believers in Christ in our churches for several weeks, to be among people wh...

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A carrier never (ever) forgets

Ryan Brodwater is now a capital projects manager for the Spokane Transit Authority. But in another life he was one of four sons of Mike and Sandi Brodwater w...

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OPINION: LUKE MALEK — Lieutenant governor abdicates her duty to protect Idahoans

Our lieutenant governor is blowing it.

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Mental health tools apply to everyone

With physical illness, we can learn the hard way what happens if we wait until things are dire to do something about it. Ignore symptoms too long and any action may come too late to do much good.