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OPINION: SHAWN KEENAN — Rep. Remington’s decision requires state investigation

Let me be clear. I know who Pastor Tim is. I am personally aware of the people he has extended a second chance t...

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Diary of a shut-in, week 3

When we were ringing in the new year three short months ago none of us could have imagined just how profoundly life as we knew it would be changed in the near future. It would have seemed like an April Fools pran...

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Virus myths: Don’t spread the infodemic

There’s more than one virus at play right now. Thanks to the pandemic, we’re also fighting an infodemic – the viral spread of misinformation.

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Northwest summers get hotter and hotter

The calendar says spring, but there’s still a chance that we’ll see some snow in the lower elevations through the middle of April. After the full moon cycle ...

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HISTORY CORNER: Public Enemy Number 1: Story of John Dillinger, J. Edgar Hoover and the Lady in Red

John Herbert Dillinger was one of America’s most famous criminals in the 1930s, a group that included Al Capone, Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bugsy Si...

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Let’s help Coeur d’Alene together

I have seen more kids and dogs in meetings in the past few days during virtual meetings!! COVID-19 quickly put me in a “Stay at Home” mode this week but it a...

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OPINION: UYLESS BLACK — Stutterers and their intelligence

Many years ago, during my grade school years, we students discovered there were two stutterers in our population. This discovery was to our derisive delight ...

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OPINION: There’s enough TP for everyone to wipe

I remember the Great Toilet Paper shortage of 1973.

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The Census must go on

The Census is still planned for 2020.

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Research: Sorry, now isn’t best time for junk food

I almost put off this topic for another day, then it hit me: Sitting at home and feeling anxious, comfort eating is probably becoming a universal temptation. Now’s the perfect time to explore that connection.

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Research: 10 reasons to answer the census

An unobtrusive envelope from the federal government arrived quietly in our mailbox last week, on a particularly busy day. “No way,” I told it as I tossed it on a pile. “I don’t have time for you today.”

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Diary of a shut-in, Week 2

Everyone is looking for diversions within the four walls of their house. I’d like to thank Amber Fiedler for providing some fun escapism via American Idol. This talented young woman made it to the Top 40 out of l...

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HISTORY CORNER: The people and times of the historic Santa Fe Trail

Traveling the Santa Fe Trail in the early 1800s was high adventure — though sometimes boring, with only seeing the occasional prairie dog breaking the monotony.

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We’ll weather this storm together

This past January when we first heard the news about COVID-19 hitting China, it was concerning. Since then, concerns have escalated like thunderclouds sweepi...

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Why flatten the curve?

How we can safeguard the health system from sudden spike in cases