Monday, June 17, 2024
The Thorns North FC 14 Girls Yellow soccer team played two games last weekend. On Saturday, the Thorns defeated EW Surf Cardenas 9-1 at home. On Sunday, the Thorns dropped EW Surf Orozco 6-3 in Spokane. Thorns goals were scored by Poppy Moreau, Brielle Buscema, Quinn Baily, Hatty Lemmon, Stella Hartzell, Liv Mickelson, Audrey Rietze and Ellie Carper. The Thorns will play in this upcoming weekend's Hot Shot Tournament in Coeur d'Alene and surrounding areas. From left are Kara Lemmon, Finley Rauscher, Brielle Buscema, Audrey Rietze, Quinn Baily, Liv Mickelson, Stella Hartzell, Hatty Lemmon, Blaire Warren, Poppy Moreau, Ellie Carper and Jean Carper.

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Youth Sports May 10, 2023

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