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What's there to do in the great outdoors? Here we've got a bevy of local outdoor activities and destinations to explore.

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Three ways to be nice in the great outdoors

Go outside and respect the wild

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Glacier’s new superintendent hits the ground running

As far as staffing, he said the park could always use more rangers

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Big opportunities for big game hunters

Hunters should do well in 2022

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The heat is on, but coldwater fish know what to do

Chaco tans, peeling skin and raccoon eyes from sunglasses – yes, the summer sun is bearing down on Idaho. And, humans aren’t the only ones feelings its effec...

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A Q&A with IDFG's Carson Watkins

Carson Watkins is the newly minted regional supervisor for Idaho Fish and Game in the Panhandle Region. He fills the shoes of Chip Corsi, a seasoned Regional...

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FWP says Montana wolf populations stable

All told, hunters took 148 wolves across the state while trappers took 125 for a total of 273 wolves for the 2021-2022 hunting and trapping seasons

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Wolf trapper classes coming up in Panhandle

Wolf trapper classes

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Forest Service issues decision on salvage, restoration project

This decision authorizes salvage operations and fuel reduction on about 3,050 acres within the overall 13,540-acre fire area

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Montana man wins Idaho bighorn sheep lottery tag

The lottery for this bighorn sheep tag has raised over $2.1 million for wild sheep in Idaho.

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More trout are on their way to Panhandle waters

Those to be stocked with 450 each between Aug. 15-19 include Lucky Friday Pond, Elsie Lake and Lower Glidden Lake.

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Walleye world heating up on Lake Pend Oreille

Walleye World

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River and Sky: A fish biologist’s perspective of counting salmon from the air

However, every September in the Middle Fork of the Salmon River tributaries, fisheries biologists take to the air to get a different perspective of fisheries.

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BASE jumper caught on camera after launching off Mt. Siyeh

A 1965 law forbids “aerial delivery” of people or goods into national parks, but attempts inside Glacier are not unheard of.

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Cruising on calm waters

Lake ride