Monday, November 28, 2022

Kerri Thoreson

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Prayers for families in grief journey

We’re tuned into and aware of thankfulness as Thanksgiving nears ... for the little things, the big things and a...

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Historic log house finally returned to glory

Saving a historic structure

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Main Street: Unexpected camaraderie a yard sale bonus

Last week’s Main Street column on the subject of beginning the process of uncluttering our home via a yard sale definitely struck a chord with quite a few readers, especially my Baby Boomer peers.

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Removing stuff will be so satisfying

Too much, for far too long

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Trojans power Post Falls parade

Post Falls Trojans were everywhere in the parade, which is pretty cool since it’s summer vacation and normally students are scattered hither and yon.

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Fire chief on receiving end of services

Good neighbors are a blessing and Llolyn Pobran found out the hard way just how true that is.

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Skybox swan song brings nostalgia

A dozen years ago, when I was doing morning radio on KVNI, I accepted the invitation by the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce to announce the Fourth of July ...

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A tale of two very different years

A look back to the merry month of June 2021 offers quite the comparison weather-wise to the sixth month of this year.

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The first step is always the hardest

On Friday midday, I was heading out to do some errands.

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Acuffs a talented pair to draw to

I’ve known Heidi Acuff for quite a long time — mother, Fernan mayor, entrepreneur — Heidi’s Pancake Mix (whole wheat cottage cheese was my favorite!), Realtor, artist, a genuine Renaissance woman.

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Gift of wisdom for class of '22

main street

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Traditions and where they began

So many newcomers to our community don’t know the stories of all of the things most people think just happen and the wonderful people who did those things.

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Traditions and where they began

The view from Main Street this week

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Covert ops make for epic surprise

Covert ops make for epic surprise

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Main Street: Striking it rich on epic road trip

Late Saturday afternoon, millions of television sets were tuned to the greatest two minutes in sports, aka the Kentucky Derby.

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Main Street: Girlfriends of many generations a gift

Birthdays are usually a time for reflection, especially at this season of life.