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A woman joining the working men

Alice Corder George was born in 1906. Ruth Fletcher Rankin was born in 1910. These women were my maternal and pa...

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Diary of a shut-in, week 3

When we were ringing in the new year three short months ago none of us could have imagined just how profoundly life as we knew it would be changed in the near future. It would have seemed like an April Fools pran...

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Diary of a shut-in, Week 2

Everyone is looking for diversions within the four walls of their house. I’d like to thank Amber Fiedler for providing some fun escapism via American Idol. This talented young woman made it to the Top 40 out of l...

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Replace fear with faith during crisis

Here’s what I know to be true ... the sun will rise tomorrow. Other than that things are changing so quickly in our little corner of the world — and the whole world — it’s hard not to get whiplash watching and re...

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Pro tips for amateur St. Patrick’s partiers

When I received the results of my DNA test a year ago my first thought was that I’d been under-celebrating St. Patrick’s Day all of my life. While England and Wales are my predominant origins, Irelan...

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There’s a word for everything

It may be the affect of a long winter but geesh, the world has become such a serious place. Not that there aren’t genuinely serious things happening but it does seem that we’ve misplaced our collective sense of h...

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Allergies: Nothing to sneeze at

My friend Taryn Thompson had her first ER visit for an allergic reaction last week. I’m sharing some excellent tips she has for anyone with anaphylactic allergies and for those who work in the food service industry.