Sunday, September 25, 2022

Evan Koch

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COMMENTARY: To restore Kootenai County values, reject extremism

For the past few months, Democrats have been phone banking and knocking on doors near you. We may have even knoc...

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COMMENTARY: Unions create better lives

This month as we celebrate Labor Day, it is widely reported that labor unions are resurging in the United States.

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COMMENTARY: Help break the silence surrounding suicide

In 2020, more than 419 families throughout Idaho came to know the unique pain of losing someone to suicide. In North Idaho, more than 41 people completed sui...

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COMMENTARY: Idaho’s total abortion ban is now in effect

Idaho's total abortion ban took effect on Aug. 25. A subsequent ruling issued by Judge B. Lynn Winmill in federal court temporarily protects doctors who trea...

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COMMENTARY: Repair and reclaim our schools

On Tuesday, Sept. 6, Kootenai County parents will send their kids back to school. Mixed in with the full backpacks and the first day of school cell phone pho...

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COMMENTARY: Counting the problems in Idaho’s overwhelmed foster care system

The foster care system in Idaho is overwhelmed. Foster care stories are private and personal, but the numbers alone paint a stark picture. As Idahoans who ca...

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COMMENTARY: Reform or eliminate unfair grocery tax

Anyone who shops for groceries knows that food costs much more than it did just one year ago.

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COMMENTARY: 'Wasted in the filth of fendings and provings?'

Partisan politics as an unrestrained blood sport is at least as old as America itself. And yet, Americans, and Idahoans, are showing signs of exhaustion with...

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COMMENTARY: Idaho needs the Quality Education Act

A citizen’s initiative, the Quality Education Act, will be on the ballot in November. In the initiative big corporations (C Corporations, not S corps or small family owned businesses) will see their taxes returne...

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COMMENTARY: Public lands belong to all of us

...a handful of well-positioned Idaho politicians with help from some out-of-state financial backers want to take control of public land in order to sell it ...

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COMMENTARY: Criminalizing abortion not compassionate

Making abortion illegal will have negative impact