Monday, August 15, 2022

Brent Regan

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COMMENTARY: The cancer of anonymity

The first 10 amendments to our Constitution are known as the Bill of Rights enumerates several rights. Some call...

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COMMENTARY: Elephant Metamorphosis

There are two types of people who get into politics; those that are called to serve and those that desire to rule. The natural evolution of governmental syst...

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COMMENTARY: A bad idea that sounds good

In 2021, Idaho spent $8,376 per student per year. With 25 students per class that is $209,400 per classroom where the average teachers wage is $51,901. Allow...

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COMMENTARY: New Moon rising

The Idaho Republican Party’s (IDGOP) biennial convention, held in Twin Falls, wrapped up last Saturday under new leadership with the election of Dorothy Moon...

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COMMENTARY: The problem is the solution

There are always unintended consequences to consider

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COMMENTARY: Beware the elastic dictionary

'Misinterpreting what was written has become the Sport of Trolls'

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COMMENTARY: Dreams of Electric Sheep

A green future is a nuclear future

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OP-ED: Rational Gun Policy

Recent proposals won't work; here's what will