Tuesday, July 23, 2024

OPINION: Hate on display

by BRENT REGAN/Common Sense
| April 5, 2024 1:00 AM

It seems like our governments are populated with sociopaths that would rather blow up our institutions and economy than give power back to the people.

Let’s examine the recent alleged incident where a man in a truck assaulted the University of Utah’s women’s basketball team. “Assault” because an assault can be verbal if it induces fear in the listener. 

On the evening of Thursday, March 21 Robert Moyer called 911 to report that he was with approximately 100 team members who went to dinner on Sherman Avenue. Moyer describes North Idaho residents as “redneck” “hillbilly” and “white trash” and that a white pickup driver revved his engine and was racing down the street yelling racial epithets. Moyer also reports that the same individual and others returned two hours later as the team was leaving the bar/restaurant and repeated the actions. The 911 call recording is available online, and some who have listened to it conclude that Moyer may have had a beer or two. 

Moyer was interviewed later that evening outside The Coeur d’Alene Resort by a Coeur d’Alene police officer. Bodycam footage of the interview is also available online. None of the other 100+ people reported present called 911 and no other witness have come forward despite a $10,000 reward. 

Fast forward four days to the morning of Tuesday, March 26 when almost simultaneously this story breaks on ESPN by the coach who did not witness the incident, Tony Stewart of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations (KCTFHR) holds a press conference and embellishes the report by adding a confederate flag on the truck, Evan Koch chairman of the Kootenai County Democrats emails me a lengthy statement he wants the Republican Party to co-sign; Christa Hazel, the liberal activist and Biden supporter, breaks the story on X (formerly Twitter), and the North Idaho Republicans (NIR) issue a condemnation statement; all happening within a few hours. So who is coordinating this?

On Wednesday afternoon, April 3 the Coeur d'Alene police issued a statement regarding their ongoing investigation into the matter which includes, “Some of the surveillance video/audio corroborates what was reported” which begs the question: What parts of the report are “corroborated?” Was it the crime part or the going out to dinner part? 

The report states that there is an audio recording of a racial slur that may have occurred more than once. Is there any indication of who uttered the slur? Could it have been rap music playing in the background?

The report makes no mention of the white truck or Confederate flag, but they are looking for a silver sedan.

Bottom line, this is a disproportionate use of resources being diverted from investigating physical crimes against citizens. We still don’t know what happened and, as with the NIC Fire Alarm incident, likely we never will.   

Statistics show that incidents of racial “hate crimes” are increasing. The City Council’s strategy to combat racism is to wear T-shirts, print signs and bumper stickers and call anyone they don’t like a racist. Councilman Gookin has recorded over 100 “Rant” videos where he frequently calls local Republicans Racists, Theocrats, Nazis and White Supremacists. Why isn’t this a hate crime too?

It is known that if you put a label on a group of people often enough, eventually some percentage of those people will come to believe you and act accordingly. 

The City Council’s incompetent and misguided efforts to combat racism apparently actually create more incidents of racism. It is almost as if they WANT racism to happen so they can strut their moral superiority.

The question remains how the University of Utah coach, the Coeur d'Alene police, Tony Stewart (KCTFHR), the City Council, Democrat Chairman Evan Koch, Christa Hazel and NIR were all apparently coordinated on their timing and response. What was the common node? 

It would have to be someone with connections to the university, a former NIC Trustee perhaps, someone with deep ties to the Coeur d'Alene police, maybe a former officer, someone tight with the KCTFHR and with connections to the Coeur d'Alene City Council, Evan Koch, Crista Hazel and NIR. 

Could it be City Councilman Christie Wood? She is a former NIC trustee and Coeur d'Alene police officer. She is on the board of the KCFTHR and friends with Koch and Hazel. Also, leaked emails show Wood giving political advice to the NIR slate of candidates in their attempt to take over the local Republican Party. 

One working theory is that Wood hears about the call through her police connections and sees a potential crisis that shouldn’t go to waste. It’s a prime opportunity to advance the Woke Agenda and damage her political opponents. She coordinates the responses of the various actors and BOOM…National NEWS baby! 

This wouldn’t be the first time Wood is apparently willing to damage the community for political gain. Previously, Wood supporters claimed that if conservative Republicans were elected to the NIC Board, accreditation would be at risk. Sure enough, when conservatives were elected and took steps to end the Woke agenda at NIC, Wood’s friend at KCTFHR filed an accreditation complaint. 

Motive, means and opportunity. Is Christie Wood the Hillary Clinton of North Idaho? 

It’s just common sense.

• • •

Brent Regan is chairman of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee.