Saturday, October 16, 2021
<p>Courtesy photo</p><p>Team Real Life wrestlers traveled to Twin Falls last weekend for the Idaho state</p><p>middle school championships as well as the USA/Idaho state wrestling</p><p>championships at Twin Falls High School.</p><p>There was a special ceremony that took place at the tournament to</p><p>acknowledge last year's USA/Idaho Triple Crown winners. A Triple Crown</p><p>winner is a wrestler that wins the USA/Idaho event in a given year for each</p><p>Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. Team Real Life members accepted two Triple Crown trophies for former teammates and current Post Falls High School wrestlers Ridge Lovett and Wyatt Shelly, who are preparing for the high school regional tournament.</p><p>Pictured in the front row from left are Roddy Romero, Byson Huber, Rider Seguine and</p><p>Braxton Mason; and back row from left, Jacob Engles, Ethan Miller, Dominique Jessos, Brelane Huber and Lane Reardon.</p><p>Placing at the middle school tournament on Friday night were Roddy Romero, 2nd; Brelane Huber, 4th; Ethan Miller, 4th; Dom Jessos, 5th; Lane Reardon, 5th and Braxton Mason, 6th.</p><p>Team Real Life Champions at the USA/Idaho wrestling championships were Byson Huber and Rider Seguine. Their championship status at this tournament earned them the first leg of a potential Triple Crown.</p><p>Others placing in the USA/Idaho state wrestling championships on Saturday were John Rudebaugh, 2nd; Roddy Romero, 2nd; Brelane Huber, 3rd; Lane Reardon, 3rd; Ethan Miller, 4th; Jacob Engles, 5th and Dom Jessos, 5th.</p>

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