Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sholeh Patrick

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MLP: Punctuate this.

To all who lament language’s languorous demise, take heart!

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MLP had not went

Your Mrs. Language Person is something of a fuddy duddy.

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Think it doesn’t matter? Chaos theory says it can

Thursday’s column explored the ancient African concept of ubuntu — the idea we are all somehow connected, so that compassion for another person is, at heart,...

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'I am because you are'

That’s ubuntu: The belief that we are defined by our compassion and humanity toward others. A spirit of togetherness. Of our ability to work with one a...

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Polls: Supreme Court gets mixed reviews

The close of the Supreme Court’s 2022 term this month was, as always, not without controversy.

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SHOLEH: Sho’nuff y’all good

Well slap my head and call me silly: “Y’all” is, and y’all are, retaking yon claim to fame in American English.

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Americans WILL road-trip in 2022

Nothing, it seems, is going to keep the average American from following through on summer road trip plans according to a slew of surveys.

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SCOTUS going rogue

Something unprecedented is happening in the U.S. Supreme Court, and I don’t mean abortion.

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Idaho’s support of dads gets mixed reviews

Yes, Father’s Day is over.

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SHOLEH: Ten for the Fourth

Got hot dogs?

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Will this drug cure cancer?

It’s early days yet, but a small clinical trial at New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has produced shockingly hopeful results: All 18 patients...

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Road tripping nets new friendship

Ever see those old movies with folks talking to strangers on a walkie talkie or CB radio — “Breaker one-niner, breaker one-niner, this is Road Hog. Over.”?

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Tips on how to handle your flag

North Idaho loves its flags.

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Baha’is embrace diversity in religion, thought

Last week kicked off a renewed series on minority religions with descriptions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and a smattering of religious oddities.

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Hindus not polytheists

Continuing the series on minority religions, a glimpse of Hinduism.

Updated 3 months, 2 weeks ago
Buddhism is a philosophy

In this series on minority religions, Tuesday’s column perused some of the bizarre. Today takes us more mainstream.