Friday, May 14, 2021

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Vote yes for PFSD levy

I would like to encourage everyone in I would like to encourage everyone in the

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Don't let legalized pot get foothold in Idaho

The legalization of marijuana (or cannabis) is about to come to our state.

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Legislative measures to hamstring the Governor are ill advised

When the Legislature blew into town last January, there was lots

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Racism alive and unwell in North Idaho

Response to MY TURN by Chris Shelton | CdA Press There Is No Racism in North Idaho? Racism comes in many forms and colors. Mr. Shelton, you might be “blinded by the light” or maybe

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Spending more money doesn’t make schools better

The column in the March 27th paper from the Chair of the Kootenai County Democratic

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Recognizing World Autism Day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day, which has taken place annually on April 2nd

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Does sex addiction kill?

A good friend emailed me on Sunday morning. He lives on the other side of the

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Opinion: An urgent message to President Biden this Vietnam War Veterans Day

As we observe Vietnam War Veterans Day on March 29, let’s recall the human rights

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Cutting funds doesn't make schools better

On Wednesday March 17th an op-ed piece by the Kootenai County Republican

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CdA2030: Time for transparency

“Open and honest government is fundamental to a free society. . . . The Open Meeting Law

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Problems with public lands

The Panhandle Idaho State Department of Lands has been acquiring hundreds of acres of land during recent years and designating them as “Public Lands”.

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Racists? Here? Let's see 'em

I read with great interest the “There’s work to be done here” opinion by the Human Rights Consortium. In it, there

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North Idaho needs more civility, less extremism

When I was growing up in Utah, every summer my parents would host an ice cream

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Comprehensive Plan cannot come soon enough for Coeur d’Alene

After my last Planning and Zoning Meeting I have taken stock on both the complexities of our charmed city and the drawbacks to that charm. I am frequently

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Fulcher on immigration

The left decried President Trump’s “America First” immigration policies

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Church responds, defends its rights

I write as one among the growing majority of freedom—loving Americans who are in