Sunday, March 26, 2023

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MY TURN: Ukraine, a war of tanks or troops?

The war in Ukraine is raging in its second year. Comrade Putin is relentless in his quest to reunite Russia’s f...

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MY TURN: Cd'A School District needs your support

Friends and neighbors, we need to say what paid school officials can’t: The Coeur d’Alene School District needs your support on March 14. On that day, local ...

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MY TURN: State needs to step in at NIC

North Idaho Dysfunctional Board Of Trustees — I have Zoomed in on the last two years of board meetings, Jan. 18 was a ray of sunshine, a glimmer of hope.

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MY TURN: Rare Disease Awareness Month is February

There’s a quote which goes like this: “When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses, not zebras.” It means you look for what is normal, not the unusual. This is ...

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MY TURN: Public education — a personal perspective

With all of public education’s complexities what has always been a given is that we could pretty much guarantee every 5- to 18-year-old in our last hundred p...

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MY TURN: Cd'A is under attack

Recently Trustee Banducci whined that it’s hard holding the position and that both he, personally, and his business are suffering because of it. The solution is staring you in the face Toddy. Quit. And take yo...

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MY TURN: Our public schools

2023 will mark 20 years for me as a local public school educator. I have worked in various positions (classroom teacher, administrator) at three different sc...

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MY TURN: Airport director departs; good riddance

As an almost 20-year Coeur d’Alene Airport (KCOE) hangar owner, instrument-rated private pilot, Coeur d’Alene Airport Association founding member and Kootenai County tax payer, I received the news of Airport Dire...

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OPINION: It’s not what you think it is: IFF files, Part 2

Last year, we were up in the majestic mountains of Idaho, in a tiny town way off the beaten path. We were attending a Republican event with several speakers....

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MY TURN: Questions about the Cataldo Water District

What is going on? At this point, a small group of Cataldo Water District Customers have gone through two separate boards in the past two years.

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MY TURN: The problem with gun violence

The problem with rapid fire assault weapon violence is pretty straightforward: by the time we identify who is going to misuse the technology too many people are dead.

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MY TURN: Public funds for public schools

Public funds for public education, that was always given. Some legislators want to use those funds for private schools. We shouldn’t be surprised. The move toward vouchers has been promoted for years, most of the...

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MY TURN: Open letter to NIC Trustees

An open letter to Todd Banducci, Greg McKenzie, Mike Waggoner and Art Macomber…

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MY TURN: Ranked choice

A consistent theme in the Left's push for power has been their attempts to remake election processes. No-fault absentee voting. "Nonpartisan" redistricting c...

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MY TURN: Grassroots politics or 'astroturfing?'

In his recent Jan. 13 Coeur d’Alene Press opinion piece titled “Grassroots Politics,” Kootenai County Republican Central Committee chairman, and self-proclaimed “common sense” man, Brent Regan, brazenly trumpets ...

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MY TURN: Obscene materials in libraries

On Jan. 27, the Coeur d'Alene Press published an article about the Jan. 25 Coeur d'Alene Library board meeting where I and other citizens gave public comment about incendiary kids’ books — not just passively incl...