Saturday, June 15, 2024

HOUSING: Invest in taxpayers instead

| May 24, 2024 1:00 AM

Whenever The Press’ readers are exposed to something Kiki Miller thinks is smart, it is worth reflecting on her belief in the power of masking during the time of COVID.

We all remember how effective that was, yes?

The question then becomes, is she as credible about other policies?

The answer is yes. She’s exactly that credible: not at all.

Remember, the city has no money, and it makes no money. Like all government, it is always and only a parasitic institution. What it has to give it has taken from someone. 

Kiki says that she, “…can’t think of a better use of these funds.”

How about returning that money to those who did the funding in the first place?

No doubt, in a few years, Kiki will be able to share with all of us the quantifiable success this use of funds has had in making housing somehow more “affordable.” Just as she did when she reviewed for constituents how successful the masks she worked to mandate were in controlling COVID.

I can’t think of a better predictor of future performance than past results achieved. Maybe Kiki can. She seems to have lots of thoughts…bereft of thinking as they may be.