Monday, May 20, 2024

KCRCC: Here’s why change is warranted

| May 15, 2024 1:00 AM

Much has been said by acolytes of the KCRCC extolling the virtues of its process for “rating and vetting” candidates. Little has been said regarding the process’s shortcomings.

For example, did you know that it is used only to determine the BEST Republican candidate for a position? It is not used to assess a candidate’s qualifications for said position and, if only one Republican is running for a given position, it is not used at all. This may explain why the KCRCC has been an abject failure in delivering quality leadership across local and state government. 

For proof, one needs to look no further than the harm inflicted on our community by the KCRCC’s chosen candidates. Issues at North Idaho College, the Community Library Network and the Kootenai County Assessor’s office all directly trace back to candidates that the KCRCC, frequently through the “rating and vetting” process or other less formal “recommendation” processes, has supported who have repeatedly shown themselves to be grossly unqualified for the positions to which they were elected.  

If you think the situation at the state level is better, guess again. Legislators relentlessly pursue imaginary “culture war” issues while giving short shrift to the “kitchen table” issues that negatively impact the well-being of Idahoans. 

It is past time to see the practices utilized by the KCRCC to promote candidates for what they are — tools for retaining power rather than representing the community. You can seize the power that rightfully belongs to you by voting for precinct committeepersons and other candidates who represent YOUR best interests and not those of the elitists currently dominating the KCRCC. 


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