Monday, May 20, 2024

ELECTION: Vote opposite KCRCC mailer

| May 15, 2024 1:00 AM

Let’s use common sense, which apparently isn’t so common.

You have two choices at the polls this year. One, everyone on the KCRCC “vetted” list. Or their opponents, made up mostly of local citizens.

Would you vote to expand the overreach of one rich kid who moved here solely to become a political kingpin in a community he doesn’t even like? His shenanigans and nodding head precinct captains have put unqualified people at the helm of NIC, our libraries and our schools. 

They want to shutter NIC and hamstring your reading and education with religious dogma. They are not citizens nor locals and never will be. They are just folks who live here. Why let them call the shots? They don’t even like you.

Or would you vote for local citizens with long track records of service to our community? Those committed not to a political ideal but to our community. And they have proven it by word and deed.

What choice is made with common sense?

The KCRCC “vetted” mailer is very important. Take it with you when you vote and choose their opponents at every opportunity.

Take Kootenai County back from those wishing to destroy it. VOTE!


Coeur d’Alene lifer

Former Cd’A City Councilman