Monday, May 20, 2024

OPINION: Are you a North Idaho Republican?

by CHRISTA HAZEL/Guest Opinion
| May 3, 2024 1:00 AM

As the May primary in Kootenai County approaches, let’s talk about something exciting: what it really means to be a North Idaho Republican. You might be surprised to find that, like the rugged beauty of our great state, the heart of our political beliefs is rooted in principles you already live by every day.

North Idaho Republicans believe freedom rings true in North Idaho, where we value our open spaces and personal freedoms deeply. President Ronald Reagan famously championed minimal government interference, and that’s a song that resonates well with our community. Whether you’re fishing in quiet solitude or building a business from the ground up, being a Republican might just mean you prefer steering your own ship rather than having someone else plot your course.

North Idaho Republicans stand guard over what we cherish. Safety and security aren’t just buzzwords; they’re a way of life. Reagan’s commitment to a strong national defense is a reflection of our local stance on supporting law enforcement and safeguarding our homes. If you believe in protecting what’s yours and ensuring your community is a safe haven for family life, your values align with the North Idaho Republican principle of robust defense—both home and abroad.

North Idaho Republicans want the freedom to thrive. Economic freedom was a hallmark of Reagan’s policy and is a cornerstone of our local economy. We believe in the power of hard work and the opportunity to succeed. This is the land of doers, makers and shakers. If you enjoy the fruits of your labor without undue interference, and if you believe that everyone deserves a shot at success, you’re speaking our language. Lower taxes, fewer unnecessary regulations, and a thriving market are Republican ideals that might just resonate with your inner entrepreneur.

When the call to action is rooted in our core Republican values, North Idaho Republicans believe there is a duty to engage. 

North Idaho College, once a beacon of local education, has faced challenges that reflect broader concerns about mismanagement and fiscal responsibility. As Republicans, we champion transparent, accountable governance that makes every dollar count — because wasting resources isn’t just impractical, it’s contrary to our nature. If you believe in efficiency and hate to see good money thrown after bad, then our campaign to restore integrity might just be your fight too.

Whether you’ve thought of yourself as a North Idaho Republican in the past or not, consider this: voting is not just about choosing leaders. It’s about affirming a way of life that cherishes freedom, values safety and rewards enterprise. With 70 qualified candidates ready to step up, your vote is more powerful than ever. It’s a chance to elect leaders who embody these time-tested conservative principles and who will fight to ensure that our community reflects the very best of what it means to be from North Idaho. You can find a North Idaho Republican endorsed PC candidate running in your neighborhood at www.NorthIdahoRepublicans.Org

North Idaho Republicans support the right to vote, safely and securely — here’s how: 

If you're planning to vote absentee, immediately request your ballot by visiting www.IdahoVotes.Gov. The deadline to request absentees is 5 p.m. May 10. Make sure to return it to the Kootenai County Elections Department by 8 p.m. on Election Day. 

For unaffiliated voters looking to participate in the Republican primary, you can affiliate with the Republican party through Election Day, either at your polling place or beforehand through the county clerk’s office. 

Early voting is also an option beginning May 6 through May 17 at the Elections Department. Given the importance of this race, take proactive steps to ensure your participation.

Rediscover the heart of Idaho this election. Your values, your community and your freedoms are calling you to action. Join us, and let’s ensure that North Idaho continues to be a stronghold of true Republican virtues.

Vote with knowledge, vote with conviction and vote North Idaho Republican.

• • •

Christa Hazel is a former KCRCC Precinct Committeeman, representing Precinct #410, and a lifelong North Idaho Republican.