Friday, July 19, 2024

Kari Lake speaks in Coeur d'Alene: 'Can we get along for five months?'

Staff Writer | June 15, 2024 1:07 AM

COEUR d’ALENE — A candidate for the U.S. Senate in Arizona on Friday called on Idaho Republicans to come together.

“If we are fighting in this room, we lose our country,” Kari Lake said to about 600 people at the Idaho Republican Gala. “Let me repeat that. If we are fighting in this room, we lose Idaho, and we lose America.” 

The Kootenai County Republican Central Committee hosted the event at The Coeur d’Alene Resort. Lake, the keynote speaker, narrowly lost the Arizona governor’s race in 2022 and is now running for the U.S. Senate. The Arizona primary is scheduled July 30. 

The Idaho GOP State Convention is being held this week in Coeur d'Alene.

In a 20-minute speech, a relaxed Lake delivered a few jokes at the expense of President Joe Biden, praised former President Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, and said Idaho and Iowa, where she grew up, share common values. 

“I feel like we’re kindred spirits,” she said.  

Lake said in the next five months, Democrats and the media will try to divide Republicans and create infighting. She said they must not be allowed to succeed.

“Can we get along for five months?” Lake asked. 

Some responded, yes, they could. 

The KCRCC and North Idaho Republicans have been at odds.

Lake said the Republican Party needs determined, enthusiastic energy “to push toward the Marxists that are trying to take our country right now. 

“But that is not the energy we need for our fellow Republicans,” she said.  

Lake said she knows Republicans who voted for Biden in 2020, and she wants them back in the fold. 

“Because if we don’t come back together right now, we’re absolutely screwed,” she said. “If we don’t take this opportunity to save our country, then we lose it.” 

Democrats, too, are welcome to join them, she said. 

"I want to fight to save our country with every American,” Lake said. 

She said it doesn't matter how someone voted in the past. 

“Are you with us now? Are you willing to fight for this country?” she asked 

She said the country’s open border policy has not worked, and that Biden finally recognizes it must change and even Democrats want to see a secure border. 

She said Republicans will fix what has become a disaster.

“When January 2025 arrives, we’re going to start the largest repatriation operation this country has ever seen, and we’re going to be sending everyone back to their homelands,” she said as the crowd applauded 

Lake offered a few light moments.

“I am a fed-up, middle-aged woman, and I can’t think of a more dangerous person to send to Washington, D.C.,” she said, then added, “and I haven’t started my hot flashes yet.” 

At another point, she asked how many in the room were 100% with the MAGA movement. Most raised their hand and cheered. 

Then, she asked how many were 50% MAGA. The room was quiet. 

“You don’t want to raise your hand,” Lake said, laughing. 

Lake said the Republican Party is more and more united around Trump.

“My question is, are the Idaho Republicans willing to come together to save this state and this country?” she said. 

Lake said there is a huge opportunity with the next election to set the country on the right course.

“If we let this go, not only are we going to regret it, our children will not have a future,” she said.