Monday, July 15, 2024

ADVERTISING: Advertorial — A commitment to patient-centered care

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is revolutionizing the health care landscape, offering a refreshing departure from the traditional fee-for-service model. In essence, DPC fosters a direct relationship between patients and their primary care physicians, unencumbered by insurance intermediaries. This approach prioritizes patient outcomes, access to care, and affordability in profound ways. You may have heard this be termed “membership medicine” or “concierge medicine.”

Imagine this, you can simply pick up the phone and schedule a same-day appointment with your physician without the hassle of navigating insurance networks or worrying about copays. This is the reality of the North Idaho DPC. By eliminating the administrative overhead associated with insurance billing, DPC practices can focus solely on delivering high-quality, personalized care to their patients.

Who stands to benefit from DPC? The answer is simple: everyone. Patients experience shorter wait times, longer appointments, and more attentive care from their provider. With greater access to preventive services and chronic disease management, patients can proactively address health concerns before they escalate into costly emergencies. Moreover, the transparent pricing structure of DPC ensures affordability, making quality healthcare accessible to individuals and families across all income brackets.

North Idaho DPC has a commitment to patient-centered care and a passion for community health, North Idaho DPC stands as a beacon of excellence in the region. Led by compassionate clinicians dedicated to empowering their patients to lead healthier lives, North Idaho DPC is the premier choice for those seeking unparalleled healthcare experiences. New patients are welcomed with open arms, invited to join a healthcare journey characterized by compassion, accessibility, and affordability. Membership pricing range due to individual and family packages. For one individual it costs $150/month with unlimited visits. North Idaho DPC also offers an in-house pharmacy to allow patients to pick up prescriptions directly after their appointment. North Idaho DPC also offers in-house phlebotomy for patients who need blood work. The family practice also has a med spa right next door which offers a variety of services including laser hair removal, weight loss, IV therapy, teeth whitening, a red bed, massage therapy, Botox, and microneedling. Experience the difference with North Idaho DPC and embark on a path towards optimal health and wellness.

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Kayla Kendall, Family Nurse Practitioner, has now opened a panel for new patients at North Idaho DPC. Kayla is a 2024 graduate of George Washington University, DC. Previously graduated with a bachelor’s in science of nursing (BSN) in 2016 from Anna Maria College in Paxton, Mass. Kayla has eight years of bedside nursing experience.

She has provided comprehensive care in the cardiac intensive care unit. She has frequently managed dialysis, fresh open heart surgery patients, heart devices, sepsis, coronary artery disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart failure.

In 2020, she traveled to New York City to assist with the strain on the health care system due to COVID-19. Also in 2020, she was nominated for nurse of the year and received a daisy award for exceptional care and compassion. Kayla has a passion for patient advocacy and providing the best possible care to all of her patients. Her care is focused on safety and listening to her patients. She resides in Hayden with her son and husband. She looks forward to meeting with you and learning about your goals mentally and physically.