Monday, July 15, 2024

DEBATE: This reader did not like it

| July 3, 2024 1:00 AM

The debate was disappointing. To their credit, I thought both moderators did a good job and did not see any bias to either candidates. 

Each candidate had 45 minutes of airtime. Mr. Biden was in seclusion a whole week being prepped for the debate. Some people speculated he might take some enhancing drugs. If he did, it was not enough. 

Mr. Trump was his usual self, not a great public speaker. 

They both spent way too much time saying, “I am better than you,” and arguing who was the better president. 

Let’s face it, there is no perfect candidate that will please everyone. One candidate many people have a visceral hatred for. The other candidate let in over 8 million illegals, that the legal taxpayers have to pay for. That’s more people than a few states have. 

One candidate makes his own mind up, the other candidate, others do it for him. So who do you choose? 

In the Bible it says that God loved Solomon and received many gifts from God. Solomon’s biggest gift was discernment. As great as Solomon was, he sinned and had many wives, which led to his downfall. So how does this apply to our election? One word: discernment. 

Put aside your personal reasons and just think of which candidate will be the best for our country. Then ask the one big question: Are you better off than you were a few years ago? If not, then you know what your answer is. It does not take great discernment to come to a conclusion. 


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