Saturday, February 24, 2024

EDITORIAL: Want answers on education? Check this out

| January 19, 2024 1:00 AM

The 2024 Idaho legislative session is off and running. Whether the session ends with a bang or a whimper — this is, after all, an election year — remains to be seen. But here’s one thing you can bank on:

Education and its multi-billion dollar budget is in the spotlight for many and in the crosshairs for some. 

No issue, in our estimation, is more vital to Idaho’s future than education. In this age when misinformation is a powerful tool to sway voters, we commend to you the very best source for accurate, insightful education information year-round but particularly during the legislative session.

It’s Idaho Education News:

Now in its 12th year, the nonprofit boasts a staff of superb journalists, led by CEO and founder Jennifer Swindell. Writer Kevin Richert is likely Idaho’s most knowledgeable and respected education reporter and analyst.

Whether you’re a school employee, a student’s parent or grandparent, or just an interested taxpayer, following IdahoEdNews daily will pay information dividends. Here’s what Swindell says her team will focus on this session and beyond:

• Two seasoned reporters covering the session daily

• The May primaries

• Teaching and learning progress in all schools

• Growth in Career and Technical Education programs

• Oversight of charter schools

• The State Board of Education

• School elections

• The November general elections

IdahoEdNews digs deep without fear of retribution. As a nonprofit it does not depend on advertisers or paid subscribers to fund its operation. Proving that its mission to impart accurate information is priority No. 1, IdahoEdNews allows newspapers across the state to publish its excellent content free of charge, so long as it’s cited as the source.

IdahoEdNews has plumbed the known depths of the controversial University of Idaho/University of Phoenix purchase. It has recently compiled in great detail teacher salaries and school administrator pay across the state. And it’s going to keep a close eye on the latest school voucher proposals as well as possible legislation to help our aging school buildings.

If Idaho education matters to you — and we firmly believe it should — should be your primary source for that information.