Saturday, April 13, 2024

CLIMATE: Activists more like Thought Police

| February 25, 2024 1:00 AM

A recent letter to the editor bemoaned the lack of faith that many of us have in the messages of doom touted by environmental activists. If only we truly believed more fervently, we would be able to avert an otherwise inescapable ecological catastrophe.

Belief must be earned, especially when what we are being told to believe is so ludicrously self-destructive.  

Science is a methodology that tests hypotheses with experiments, producing theories. Science does not deal in truth. Truth is a matter of judgment. Facts never speak for themselves.

Despite this, advocates of policies intended to “combat man-made climate change” act more like Torquemada than Einstein. These latter-day inquisitors deal in charges of heresy and punishments for apostasy from their “settled science.”

For decades, these Thought Police have purged the scientific professions of “deniers.” This conduct is not scientific. It is the behavior of a cult desperate to attain control over the minds and lives of others.

Their sustainable climate-friendly policies are as totalitarian as Xi’s China and Kim’s North Korea. Hostile to human life, these policies are intended to reduce human populations and eliminate the Western living standard. This is why farmers across the world are standing up to their policies of famine and control.  

Of course we do not believe! We shall not conform to the crabbed visions of sustainable utopias touted by would-be social engineers. We prefer freedom to slavery, plenty to famine and adapting to changing circumstances to the illusion that we can control our climate.


Coeur d’Alene