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FAST FIVE: Find your inner goddess with Lindsey Jones

Staff Writer | February 24, 2024 1:00 AM

Meet Lindsey Jones, a Pacific Northwest native who is a champion for female entrepreneurship in the Post Falls community. With years of business ownership and unwavering determination, she has always shared a common goal — empowering women, particularly mothers, to enhance their lives by leveraging their passions to create financial stability. Running the thriving Etsy store, Paisley Prints Spokane, for more than 12 years, Lindsey has collaborated with a diverse group of women, including mothers and grandmothers, to manufacture and market her original baby clothing line. Drawing from her experiences working with fellow female entrepreneurs, Lindsey, along with her business partners, fellow entrepreneurs Alyssa Walsh and Jeff Prendergast, established Loft 41 in Post Falls. This new business venture was a calling years in the making.

1) When did you open Loft 41, and what inspired you and your business partners to open your own business?

In January 2023, Alyssa, Jeff and I acquired Loft 41. With a wealth of combined business ownership experience and a deep affection for the Post Falls region, our objective was crystal clear. Alyssa, a sought-after independent makeup and lash artist in the area, serves as the driving force behind Loft 41. Proficient in various aspects of beauty aesthetics, including tanning and sunless airbrush tanning, she brings valuable expertise to the team. Jeff, owner of Spartan Lawn Care, seamlessly integrates his extensive customer service and business management skills with the framework of Loft 41. With my background in product development, business expansion, marketing and customer service, our diverse skill sets and shared ambition to foster small business growth in the Post Falls area culminated in the establishment of Loft 41.

At Loft 41, our aim was to establish a welcoming atmosphere for our clients to relish, with friendly faces welcoming them by name. Our clients are more than just customers; they have evolved into our friends. We sought to craft a setting that mirrors the essence of Post Falls, emphasizing the importance of community. Within our salon, four remarkable women — Tonya Jerome, Cara Carpenter, Mckenzie Johnston and Krisha Gonzales — operate their independent beauty businesses, illustrating that fostering a sense of community and providing support are essential for creating a space where everyone can thrive.

2) What are a few skin and beauty tips you can share for winter-weary North Idahoans who are ready to get out into the sun as soon as possible?

We offer a wide variety of options tailored for our sun-deprived community. Our tanning salon provides a comprehensive range of services, catering to those looking for a sun-kissed glow, a vitamin D boost and tanning exposure prior to travel. Our experienced staff is knowledgeable about the appropriate tanning solutions for every individual. Sunless tanning services are often overlooked in our area. We offer custom airbrush spray tans to help you achieve a radiant glow without the need for UV exposure. Proper hydration is crucial, especially during this cold dry season. Maintaining well-moisturized skin from head to toe is essential for overall skin health. We take pride in stocking top-quality tanning and body lotions to fulfill these needs. Moreover, our skilled esthetician, Krisha, specializes in rejuvenating facial treatments to enhance your skin's vitality.

3) Why is it important for women — and men — to pamper themselves once in a while — what does it do for the mind, body and soul?

Self-care practices unique to each individual are important to full mind and body wellness. We are fortunate to have a supportive community that appreciates the array of self-care options we provide. Personally, when seeking self-care activities, I aim to contribute to our community through small business and independent service providers. It is the family owned gym, the small nail salon, independent retail boutiques that truly matter in our community. Our dollars can help support a local business thrive. This shared value is deeply cherished among our clientele.

Our salon boasts a talented esthetic team that offers indulgent services such as lash extensions, temporary lashes, makeup application, natural-looking permanent makeup solutions, facials, and facial waxing. Tanning, known for its mood-enhancing effects, has garnered popularity among a growing number of male clients. The rising interest in tanning among men reflects a broader appreciation for self-care practices and the positive mood elevation it can bring.

Recently added to Loft 41 last autumn, a new service has quickly become a favorite among our clients. In response to the increasing demand for experience-based services, we introduced the first boutique-based custom hat bar in Post Falls. During a hat bar experience, you can choose a stunning 100% merino wool felt hat from our collection, and partake in a personalized one-hour design session with one of our hat bar experts. With a range of accessories, custom branding options and various distressing techniques available, we ensure each hat is truly unique. The hat bar is an ideal way to celebrate a birthday or have a fun night out with your friends!

4) What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I launched my initial business venture as a single mother with no investment and less than $100 to my name. Armed with a hand-me-down laptop and a finicky power cord, I frequented my local coffee shop to utilize its free wifi, where I built my online retail store and addressed customer queries. Without a college background, my determination to create and expand fueled my journey. Fast forward 12 years, I have launched three businesses and supported the development of numerous others.

5) What are some of your favorite, tried-and-true beauty rituals, and how might we build better habits when it comes to self-care?

Apart from focusing on staying hydrated and sticking to a weekly gym routine, I incorporate one to two UV tanning sessions per week for vitamin D benefits, and get an airbrush spray tan every two weeks for that perfect glow. Lashes are essential for me; I have been a client of Alyssa's lash services for around six years. With a nice tan and lovely lashes, my morning beauty routine is much more simplified. Beyond Loft 41, I advocate strongly for self-care through exercise, spiritual practices and mind-body wellness therapies. Life is all about balance, and it's essential to take the time to invest in you. To be the best for others, you must prioritize being the best version of yourself first.