Monday, April 22, 2024

VOTING: It’s our duty to stay informed

| February 23, 2024 1:00 AM

Choosing a preferred candidate can be difficult in a world of misinformation and disinformation, and it’s important to choose a candidate who closely aligns with your values. That’s why it’s important to stay informed and engaged in the voting process.

Unfortunately, the goal of politics is often to dissuade people from voting, but we can’t let that occur. When people tune out, it makes it easier for dishonest politicians to get elected. It seems that many politicians have voting records that contradict the values of the people who elected them, which can be frustrating for those who put their trust in these officials.

Did you know that there are various methods to research candidates? Some groups will simply tell you who to vote for because they say so. However, only a few publish questionnaires that candidates have filled out, such as the KCRCC. These questionnaires are a great way for candidates to express their beliefs and positions. 

Some groups sponsor town halls like the Republican Women. No system is flawless, but it’s important to take advantage of what’s offered by these groups. Without this information, how do you have any idea who your government leaders are? Before investing in a car we research makes and models. Similarly, what “drives” our elected officials warrants research.

We all have an obligation to stay informed. We can all see that when we neglect our duty, the consequences can be significant, as seen all across the country. So, take advantage of available resources to make Idaho one of the best states in the country.


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