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ITD announces I-90 construction delays

| February 23, 2024 1:05 AM

A project that will enhance mobility on the Interstate 90 corridor that was expected to begin this year has been pushed back to 2025.

The Idaho Transportation Department is working on modernizing the I-90 from State Highway 41 to U.S. Highway 95.

This 5-mile stretch experiences the highest traffic volumes and congestion of the I-90 corridor. The improvements will widen the interstate with two additional lanes in each direction, replace and widen bridges, realign adjacent pedestrian and bicycle paths and lengthen existing interchange ramps, ITD said in a Wednesday news release.

ITD initially aimed to start construction this summer. However, as it works through the necessary environmental documentation, certain aspects of the analysis will require additional time for thorough consideration, an ITD official said.

"Design, supplies nor funding have anything to do with the I-90 widening projects being delayed to 2025," ITD officials told The Press, "but rather that additional consideration of environmental resources in the I-90 corridor is needed to finalize the document — a critical step for completion before construction can begin."

While it remains committed to addressing congestion and modernizing the I-90 corridor, the department must prioritize a comprehensive environmental analysis before construction can begin, ITD said.

Presently, ITD expects the construction of the initial phase of the widening project, from Atlas Road to Highway 95, to start in spring 2025 with the section from Highway 41 to Atlas Road following in fall 2025.

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ITD is also reconstructing the Highway 41 interchange in Post Falls and improving the highway and roads surrounding the interchange.

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