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CLN: Blueprint for disaster

| February 11, 2024 1:00 AM

How to destroy a library, in seven nefarious steps.

1. Create a fake crisis. Using out-of-state money and resources, declare the library is providing pornography to children and librarians are essentially groomers.

2. Elect extremists to the board of trustees. Make sure they are rated and vetted by the KCRCC.

3. Turn down any funding from Urban Renewal Districts. Argue, incorrectly, that you are returning the funding to the taxpayer. (Note here — doesn’t work that way.)

4. Refuse to accept any increase to the tax base. While legally able to take a 3% increase, refuse to consider even a 1% increase. Close ears to warnings about creating a budget deficit.

5. Create a budget deficit. Use two different avenues to accomplish this. First, engage in actions that alarm your insurance carrier Idaho Counties Risk Management Program. Have ICRMP drop all employment coverage and raise deductibles substantially. Purchase additional insurance coverage from another vendor. Raise insurance costs — cause a deficit. Fire attorney. Hire another attorney at much higher cost. Increase deficit more.

6. Destroy employee morale. Achieve this through hostile questioning of employees and intense micromanaging.

7. In the face of an actual crisis (the flooding of the Post Falls and Athol libraries) fumble the ball. In a situation that calls for coming together to support the overworked, stressed staff and the mission of the library, you instead point fingers, take micromanaging to a new level, create additional unnecessary requirements of staff, and make unreasonable demands — such as “reopen the libraries or return taxpayer money.” Almost seems as if the fumble was intentional.

Mission complete — the Community Library Network has been destroyed. Congratulations Trustees Ottosen, Hanley and Plass.


Post Falls