Thursday, June 20, 2024

CONVENTION: Call for true conservatives

| April 26, 2024 1:00 AM

Idaho is supposedly a conservative “Red State.” Thus many non-conservative folks run as “Republicans” but vote very differently.  

Many of us believe that America is on the wrong track, that government spending is out of control and that constant war is hurting Americans. We also realize that Congress and the folks in power will not impose restrictions upon themselves.

Thus the solution to America’s woes must start locally and gain momentum through grassroots movements. A Convention of States (“COS”) is authorized in our Constitution under Article V. Rather than relying on Congress to propose amendments, such as term limits and fiscal responsibility, the states themselves can call a convention to suggest amendments (that then have to be ratified by the states).

About 20 states have now committed to this process (it takes 34). But Idaho is not among them! Not even the infamous Freedom Caucus supported the COS. Are Idaho legislators defending the current downward spiral in America?

The well-funded campaign against the COS comes from the left, with fear mongering and disinformation; clearly they do not want limits on their power. But why is “conservative” Idaho not calling for the convention, and its suggested amendments to reel in Federal overreach?