Saturday, May 18, 2024

BOEING: Stop piling on, media

| April 14, 2024 1:00 AM

I read the article in Wednesday’s Press regarding an Air Canada Boeing 737 Max 8 diverting to Boise due to a warning light appearing. “The issue was determined to be a faulty cargo hold indicator, Air Canada said…”  

The article goes on to rehash recent problems encountered with Boeing aircraft, including one mentioned later in the same article, giving the impression that the warning light and an engine cover that detached were due to failure of Boeing to produce safe aircraft, adding fuel to the fire of doubt numerous similar articles have ignited.  

Let me be clear: THIS WAS NOT A FAULT OF THE AIRCRAFT NOR OF BOEING but merely a faulty sensor which presented no danger to the aircraft or its passengers. The indicator was fixed and the aircraft went safely on its way.  

I have no doubt whatever that numerous such incidents frequently happen involving aircraft built by other manufacturers yet these are seldom reported because they are common and won’t sell newspapers or air time. To be clear, such incidents do many times point to serious issues which need to be addressed but the bulk of what I’ve lately seen reported point to poor maintenance practices at the individual airlines, not the manufacturer.  

In an earlier life I was in charge of maintenance for 30 F-4 Phantom fighter jets so I recognize when a problem involves faulty parts, improper maintenance or even pilot error. The media needs to investigate and encourage Boeing or other companies to fix problems with the way they are run but should not participate in running an eminent American company out of business for the sake of cheap headlines. Those should be the stories being run.


Hayden Lake