Monday, April 22, 2024

MORALITY: Decide values to live by

| April 3, 2024 1:00 AM

Alas, as if there isn’t enough to worry about already, a new threat to the peace of our democracy has reared its ugly head. Christian Nationalism is the new bogeyman that is stalking in the shadows, ready at any moment to foist its narrow-minded values on the masses. Two popular Democratic columnists in the Cd'A Press have sounded out the warning in recent articles so I guess we are supposed to take this threat seriously.

Missing from the conversation, though, is a working definition of what exactly a Christian Nationalist is. My hunch is this type of person holds values that are not in agreement with the two aforementioned writers. But here’s the issue: any society is going to be based on some type of moral value system. You cannot compartmentalize a person’s worldview into state and church categories.

The question is, whose moral values will prevail? Do you want to live in a culture that adopts the morality of barbarians and cannibals? If you favor human sacrifice, then you would fit right in among the ancient Aztecs. Or would you prefer to live in a world where the sanctity of life is valued, and all men are treated as equal and worthy of honor by their Creator?

The laws that govern a nation are a reflection of the morals of its people. Some believe that killing babies in the womb and mutilating children for the sake of ideology are perfectly acceptable forms of behavior. But others would view such actions as heinous crimes against humanity. We all must choose the type of society we want to live in; I say, choose wisely.


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