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BIG FISH: It’s the John Birch Society

| September 17, 2023 1:00 AM

“Swayne remains target, but why?” the headline read on Sept. 13. Following The Press editorial’s fishing analogy, here’s the “big fish” the writer hoped to catch. Here’s the one lurking at the bottom of the pond. That nasty old shark is called the John Birch Society.

Go to the uninformed and nonsensical JBS website, a site filled with lies and manipulations, and you will find multiple manifestos on defunding public schools: https://jbs.org/children/defund-public-schools/. One portion of their manifesto reads, “Rather than throw away money at a system that is rotten to its core, state legislators must defund public schools.”

Swayne is a smart, decent, functional public educator and the JBS can’t tolerate that. As has been explained in multiple letters to the editor, the KCRCC is really the John Birch Society, and the JBS does not believe in public education. They are fringe extremists with an anti-public education manifesto as long as your arm.

The JBS board members do not want to save NIC. President Swayne stands in the way of their coup, and as you can read on their website, the JBS wants to defund and destroy all public schools.

To switch analogies for clarity, the three board members in question — Banducci, McKenzie and Waggoner — are like JBS arsonists and the college is “your house.” By mistakenly electing three dedicated JBS members, voters have tragically given them a gas can, matches and a key to the house. I think I smell smoke.

On the JBS website their headline reads, “Save Our Children from Public Schools.” I say, “Save our Children and our Schools from the John Birch Society/KCRCC.”


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