Wednesday, May 29, 2024

LAWYERS: They should be defunded

| September 15, 2023 1:00 AM

The anger we all feel every time a criminal gets away with an obvious injustice, or a politician goes on destroying our democracy without consequence, is just. It isn’t the law that let’s these people go but the lawyers that contort the spirit of law to bend to the needs of a client. By extension making the rest of us subject to the same by creating a precedent that can be cited the next time in court. Our freedoms seemingly belong to the wordsmith’s of today and our will can be easily dictated this way.

We don’t need less police, more guns, or restrictions of any kind. It’s my opinion, it shouldn’t cost to have your voice count, to have your will be heard. That is the true spirt of the First Amendment. The defund movement, like most ideas, has flaws. That doesn’t mean it can’t have merit at the same time. Let’s bring the discussion to the table.

Should a person’s wealth be equal to 1/3 of anyone’s suffering? Why isn’t there someone other than another lawyer to bring your complaints to about a lawyer? Why do we let our freedoms be dictated to us by those who see us as “inadvisable” of speaking for ourselves? Isn’t easier and more productive to defund lawyers? I’m just asking.