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REPUBLICANS: 'Fruit is revealed in their voting record'

| September 13, 2023 1:00 AM

Meeting newcomers is something I enjoy, but if I could, I would create a “port of entry” to check for “invasive species.” As newcomers ourselves we came looking for a place where going to church was normal. Of course, not everyone you see in church is a Christian. The parables of Jesus make this clear; the wheat and the tares, the net filled with good fish and bad … if asked, people might say, “Yes, I’m a Christian,” or “Yes, I’m a Republican,” but not all are. “By their fruit ye shall know them,” Jesus said, speaking of false prophets. The same would apply to Christians in name only, and to Republicans in name only. Once a slur, the term RINO is a potent term, used by those who believe an officeholder has fallen short of certain political ideals. My mother, who was neither a Christian or a Republican, did love the Constitution. She never stopped soapboxing about our “rights,” and how to assert and defend them. Newcomers, if your goals for coming here were freedom and safety, don’t assume that politicians will protect your rights just because they have an “R” next to their name. Their fruit is revealed in their voting record, which can be found at the Idaho Freedom Foundation website under “Freedom Index”. If they have not held office before, the KCRCC rating and vetting process is designed to gauge their commitment to freedom and safety. These organizations exist to expose the deception and corruption that is rampant in the ID Republican party, and RINOs who are identified understandably get upset. So if you see a lot of elected officials kicking and screaming in response, rest assured, something good is happening. And welcome to Idaho.


Coeur d’Alene