Saturday, September 30, 2023

Move over June, September now month for nuptials

| September 13, 2023 1:00 AM

According to The Knot, September is the most popular month for weddings, with October coming a close second. December, January and February are the least popular. On Saturday, Sept. 9, our grandson, Matthew Snider, and Morgan Newell followed the trend by exchanging vows and beginning their life together. As grandmother of the groom, I was able to just bask in the glow and in amazement that our firstborn grandson was now a married man. It was a glorious celebration of family and friends, all of the people who have loved and guided Matthew to become a really good man. As the grandmother of three grandsons, I’m over the moon to now have a granddaughter-in-law!

It made me think about the claim that September is the most popular month for weddings, so I polled my own friends. Within a few hours, we discovered that at least three dozen couples also celebrate September wedding anniversaries. While traditionally this column celebrates the birthdays of readers, this week we’ll also celebrate love. Happy September anniversaries to Serena and Brian Harrison (Sept. 1), David and Debora Townsend (Sept. 2), Bill and Gail Everson (Sept. 3), Craig and Darlene Zieler (Sept. 6), Katherine and Don Ekhoff, Andy and Donna Crateau (Sept. 7), Gordon and Marilyn Dick (70 years!), Natalie and Nate Frisbie, Katie and Dan Schreiber (Sept. 9), Jim and Sheri Denison (Sept. 10), Ramona and Doug Easter (Sept. 11), Eric and Shari Knudtsen (Sept. 12), Allan and Janet Barstow (68 years!), Bob and Nancy Kim (68 years!), Sue and Dave Walker (Sept. 17), Don and Laveda Ziegler (75 years!), Karrie and Hunter Kroll (Sept. 20), Kyle and Susan Johnson, Michele and Steve Wood (Sept. 21), George and Peggy Beebe, Cory and Kathryn Arrand (Sept. 22), Jennifer and Mike Jarrett (Sept. 23), Jaime and Jayson Cornwell (Sept. 24), Jenni and Carlos Gonzales, Sue and Ken Sims (Sept. 25), Karoline and Alejandro Vargas (Sept. 26), Ann and Alex Piper, Brandie and Rod Hansen (Sept. 27), John and Stacey Holley, Deborah and Steven Bolinger (Sept. 29), Jennifer and Mike Alexander, Steve and Brenda Hansen, Toni and Jason Bauer, Jim and Doreen Irving (Sept. 30).

Love and autumn are in the air!

• • •

In January of this year, I wrote a column about Jim Carkhuff, one of my favorite people whom I never met. I came to “know” Jim through son Jay Carkhuff’s funny and poignant Facebook posts about life with his dad. Jim had just celebrated his 96th birthday.

On Monday, Jim took his leave of this earthly life, able to spend over half a century in his Cougar Gulch home thanks to the loving care of his son. What a blessing that Jim was able to enjoy sitting on his porch, enjoying the view of the gardens and the wildlife until the end of his days.

Condolences to Jay and all who knew and loved Jim.

• • •

Happy Birthday today to Shelley Cornelius, Mike Pearce, Larry Riley, Janell Mollett, Kelly Sheffield, Ryan Bartlett, Thomas Vigil, Mary Langenberg, Stormy Purcell, Ray Harwood, Lori Turchik, Laura Fierro, JulieAnn Sparrowgrove, Cher Rhoads, Nicole Hamilton, Gina Davis and Debbie Margraff. Tomorrow, Leslie Orth, Connie Glass, Tammy Rubino, Diane Lemas, Wayne Dust and Anna DeTar will celebrate. Pat Near, Claudia Brennan, Brad Medlock, Jerry Deitz, Jean Wright, Shannon Englander, Kathie Colosimo, Angie Purcell, Liese Razzeto and Nick McDonald take another trip around the sun Friday. On Saturday, Jeff Thompson, Courtney Hurt, James Hoialman, Charollett Morehouse and Terrie Lynn Gonzales will eat cake. Steve Widmyer, Betsy Martin, Jeff Crandall, Harmony Conley, Connie Evans, Russ Giles, Marq Riffe and Lynda Wright share Sept. 17 birthdays. Brad Peugh, Ellen Delavan, Jaimee Cox, Eric Benjamin, John Holm, Jennifer Schroeder and Debra Smart blow out the candles Monday. On Tuesday, Rich Kempton, Kara Fredekind, Debbie Sala, Jeanne Wright, Brock Morrow, Marshall Baltzell and Karen Lindbergh do the birthday dance.

• • •

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