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MY TURN: Stand with Israel

by RALPH K. GINORIO/Guest Opinion
| October 14, 2023 1:40 AM

Once again, Islamist Terrorists are attacking the State of Israel. Here in the U.S., the usual apologists for America’s enemies haven’t lost a moment in praising the Palestinian cause. These apologists are almost all Left-Wing Woke Social Justice Warriors.

The alliance of Islamist Fundamentalists and SJWs would be laughable if it weren’t so utterly tragic. Our Progressive neighbors who care more about the alphabet mafia of the ever-fluid gender identity community make common cause with devotees of Sharia Law who condemn every homosexual that they find to death.

In fact, all that Woke Snowflakes and those who would die Shaheed (as martyrs in an Islamic Jihad) have in common is their shared enemy. In order for either cult’s Millenarian Utopia to be born, our Judeo-Christian Western Civilization must die.

So, “The Squad” of American Communist women in Congress agitates for shifting American support from Israel to the Palestinian Arabs. The same a historic emotionalism used as agit-prop for their stoking of endless grievances through divisive identity politics is now being used to paint the poor Arabs as victims of Jewish white settler colonialism.

What a pity for them that there was absolutely no distinctly “Palestinian” Arab cultural identity before the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which made it British policy to establish a Jewish homeland in the Holy Land. Before this, those Arabs who lived in the region called Palestine were culturally indistinguishable from other Syrian Arabs.

After Jews began to return to their ancestral home, a reaction among local Arabs produced a unique Palestinian identity in opposition to Israel. Since the mass-exodus of Palestinians during the Arab-Israeli War of 1948-1950, other Arabs and Moslems have persistently refused to allow refugee Palestinian Arabs out of squalid refugee camps into their wider societies. Other Arabs refused to accept Palestinians as fellow Arabs, instead treating them as a people apart.

Since the 1990s, Palestinian Arab territory that had been abandoned by Israel has remained wretched so that almost all international aid could be funneled to the Terrorists. The decades-long Terrorist regime of Mahmoud Abbas has sacrificed civil life in the Palestinian Authority in hope that enmity-without-end will outlast Israel, as if it were some latter-day Crusader Kingdom.

To the extent that there is a Palestinian identity, it chiefly a negative construct; more anti-Israel than pro-Palestinian Arab. The only outcome that will satiate their ambitions appears to be the forcible removal of all living Jews from the Holy Land.

Israel is the only functioning multi-party democracy in all the Middle East. It is the only society there that has genuinely left Medievalism behind and entered the modern world. It is the only place on Earth that a Jewish people, which has been persistently targeted for genocide since before the Mosaic Exodus from Egypt, can call their own.

It is, along with Britain, America’s greatest natural ally. Ties of blood, culture, and faith connect our two nations. Israelis have consistently been willing to trade land for peace. Israelis hope that an Islamic Arab civilization that stretches from Morocco to Iraq will be someday willing to allow Jews to peaceably live in a land the size of New Jersey.

For the words, “Never Again!” to have any meaning, for our longstanding commitment to stop genocide to be true, we cannot allow Israel to be overcome. On purely humanitarian grounds, we should stand with the government in Jerusalem.

However, we Americans have a selfish reason for standing with Israel. In the 1973 Yom Kippur War, American aid prevented Israel from a desperate use of its semi-secret nuclear deterrent. That atomic arsenal is much greater today.

This, coupled with the Obama and Biden Administrations’ disastrous appeasement of an atomic-minded Iran, has created a nuclear powder keg. A nuclear exchange between Tehran and Jerusalem could spark a global nuclear exchange.

If, and only if, U.S. policy is unambiguously clear that we will not allow anyone to profit by a conventional or nuclear attack against Israel can we hope to prevent a nightmare scenario of endless escalation. As with Taiwan and the rapacious Chinese Communist Party, America’s commitment to Israel must be so solid as to be able to plausibly deter Iranian and Arab attacks.

Be clear, the Hamas organization that has just launched a general attack against Israel is trained, equipped, funded, and directed by Iran. A proxy war between Jerusalem and Tehran has already begun. Only Washington’s deeds can keep this struggle from expanding out-of-control.

We must stand with Israel for many reasons. Chiefly, we must do so because preventing Armageddon is its own reward.

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Ralph K. Ginorio is a Coeur d'Alene resident.