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TRANSLATORS: Strongly disagree

| November 22, 2023 1:00 AM

The statement from the article on Spanish translators said “lets approach it as an opportunity to embrace diversity and ensure inclusivity for all residents.” I say bull.

Garden Grove, Calif., embraced this with the Vietnam community. Go shopping, you would think you were in a third world, all the stores in their language. They made no attempt to learn English.

Los Angeles, where I worked for 26 years. All want the American dream, but could care less about speaking English. When in trouble they would claim “no speaka English.” Small school children were in the middle, always translating for their parents, because they were too lazy to learn English.

This puts a burden on all public agencies, police, fire, schools, hospitals, unemployment offices, you name it, it never stops. We all pay for this with higher taxes.

Why do we Americans have to accommodate everyone else, what other country does that? When you accommodate everyone else, you create second class citizens. You succeed in this country, because you speak English.

Before you label me as a racist, I used to volunteer teaching basic English to immigrants, who wanted to learn. They wanted to succeed in the greatest country in the world. 

When you dumb down what is expected in this country, the country as a whole suffers. Sorry, from where I sit, diversity and inclusivity only hurts the people you are trying to help.


Coeur d’Alene