Thursday, February 22, 2024

EDITORIAL: In North Idaho, the end is not near

| May 17, 2023 1:00 AM

Farmers markets.

Small-town festivals.

Big, brash Fourth of July bash.

Forest hikes.

Fishing expeditions followed by tales “this big.”

Long, cool sips in favored watering holes.

Long, cool dips in clear Lake Coeur d’Alene waters.

Hair-blown, grin-stretched power boating.

Quiet early morning kayak treks where water and heaven kiss.

Flower nurturing.

Vegetable encouraging.

Sweet lemonade in the shade on freshly mown grass.

North Idaho State Fair fabulous food fare.

Blazing heat under serious sun.

Cool nights under Mother Nature’s fan.

Dates with great books in your free local library.

Chocolaty, sticky family memories enshrined forever around the campfire.

Yes, there was an election yesterday. And yes, it was important. And yes yet again, the countdown is on for the next big election less than six months away.

But between now and then, no matter how yesterday’s votes came out, no matter how much room there is for anxiety to grow, keep the big picture in mind.

In North Idaho, life is good.

Damn good, as a matter of fact.