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FASCISM: Idaho is in its grip

| March 26, 2023 1:00 AM

“Idaho Freedom Foundation?” It should be called the Washington, D.C.-based Fascism Foundation. Idaho is in the grip of fascism funded by the IFF and a D.C. think-tank. Their agenda has nothing to do with freedom.

Firing squads? Draconian anti-abortion laws that drive good doctors out of our state? Schools and libraries under attack? A local college being purposefully destroyed? To better understand the consequences of fascism, read Sinclair Lewis’ “It Can’t Happen Here.”

The people behind these related events are not Republicans nor Libertarians. They are fascists intent on taking over Idaho. Characteristics of fascism: Disdain for democracy; rampant sexism; controlled mass media; religion and government intertwined; disdain for intellectuals and the arts — including schools and higher education; anti-Semitism and racism; rampant cronyism, corruption and violence.

Consider how one element, sexism, is impacting Idaho. Think Idaho is a great place to start a family? Think again. Bonner General Health, Sandpoint’s only hospital, will no longer provide labor, delivery, and other obstetrical services. Respected physicians are leaving this state. Idaho physicians providing standard, evidence-based care may face civil litigation and criminal prosecution. Maternal and infant death rates are higher in states that ban abortion. These extreme laws are not pro-life. What about women who miscarry and need a D & C to avoid sepsis or other complications; ectopic pregnancies; women with serious health conditions like kidney problems, seizures and strokes? These ignorant, discriminatory laws impact a woman’s ability to get safe, quality care and are dangerous to women and families.


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