Saturday, February 24, 2024


| March 19, 2023 1:00 AM

I feel shame for my hometown that couldn’t produce enough positive citizens to support the schools of my youth; the schools which are now even more valuable to the children than in my time of yore. From my neighboring viewpoint, I see the KCRCC as a real threat to not only NIC but education at all levels. But this committee isn’t alone. The general population puts to shame the town, now city, that is my hometown. I puzzle at the huge number of letters, signed testimonials, graphic support shown in The Press for the levies, as well as the same support there was for NIC’s Board election last year, but still enough votes from the “shadows” emerged to create the discouragement of failure.

The negative naysayers are simply lurking, it seems, in sympathy with the “Committee,” to cast their votes of destruction. Lord help us. We should not have this division in the name of politics against the values that affect all of both political frames of reference. I thank Mary Souza, and the many real Republicans who stand with Democrats and Independents who demonstrate clear thinking to recognize the KCRCC for its destructive behavior.