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OPINION: Time to recognize the truth

by CHRISTA HAZEL/Guest Opinion
| July 21, 2023 1:00 AM

Brent Regan mischaracterizes several things in an attempt to discredit me, as well as local Republicans and their conservative events. And when I say “mischaracterize,” I really mean he states falsehoods.

Regan’s column itself is perplexing. Regan suggests public accountability is “blackmail.”

All Republicans should take note Regan uses the term “so-called Republican” as though traditional Republicans are not, in fact, Republicans.

The truth is, KCRCC is connected to the white nationalist “America First” movement, led by Holocaust-denier Nick Fuentes, as evidenced through campaign expenditure reports and official events. (For more about this movement, see KCRCC and a dozen of their aligned candidates paid an America First affiliated out-of-state strategist over $220,000.

Most Republicans support the notion America should be first from a policy perspective. Regan, however, appears to rely on this confusion between ‘America first’ as general policy versus “America First,” a white nationalist movement with out-of-state dark money support.

“America First” movement leader and Post Falls resident, Vincent James Foxx, glorifies the KCRCC. He is actively promoting an extreme right-wing takeover in Idaho. (See

Foxx refers to himself as “white nationalist,” “an anti-democracy actor” and “Christian Taliban.” He has stated his goal is to “roll back the rights of women.” (See the Taliban comment here

Some actual Foxx quotes here: “We are going to take over this state …. and a true actual right-wing takeover is happening right now in the state of Idaho, and there is nothing that these people can do about it.”

“Radical problems require radical solutions.”

“We will not stop until the ‘Handmaid's Tale’ is a reality.”

Foxx regularly promotes the KCRCC rating and vetting system. (See Foxx’s website also promotes KCRCC’s video work produced by KCRCC ‘rated and vetted’ candidate, David Reilly. KCRCC paid a company associated with Reilly $11,000 to produce videos. Reilly proudly supports the America First movement.

Regan suggests the KCRCC consists of entirely elected PC’s (Precinct Committeemen), but that is not true. Many have been recruited and appointed by the KCRCC itself.

The statement is false that all PC members of the committee were labeled at an NIR event as “part of a Soviet cabal,” “book burners,” “domestic terrorists,” “Taliban theocrats,” “censors,” “who are bent on taking away your right to vote, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.”

The statement “some guy no one can seem to identify” carrying the AF flag in the Fourth of July parade is false. He is believed to be Joe Prado, Precinct #309 Committeeman on KCRCC. The parade video showed the AF flag in the middle of the KCRCC entry. Brent is observed in the video riding past on his Segway.

Prado has appeared twice in public comment at NIC. His comments are of the AF Movement variety. Most notably, Prado appeared with AF leader Foxx in the Dec. 21, 2022, public comment at NIC.

The statement that the NIR meeting was “secret” is false. It was a private meeting, not a secret.

The statement that something was “counterfeited” is false. No one ever lied to the Secretary of State.

The reference to the Cease & Desist letter is misleading. The Cease & Desist letter involves only the trademarked RNC elephant icon, not alleged “counterfeit” endorsement cards or anything else. The truth is Regan is trying to use the power of the Republican National Committee to block the use of Republican references by any other Republican groups across our state.

As longtime Republicans, we are fighting to protect a brand that is being hijacked by groups who align more with extremism fixed on controlling and changing the face of our already conservative community and state.

Regan believes only his committee can use an elephant icon in partisan branding. Another group in the state was told they can’t use the term “GOP.” Brent is out to ‘protect the brand’ (his brand) by treading on other Republicans like a jack-booted thug. It’s ridiculous.

The statement “… blackmailed an NIC Trustee into resigning which led to NIC board dysfunction” is false. “Blackmail” is a factual term used to describe a crime. Regan’s statement is defamatory.

The group Save NIC discovered that former KCRCC member and NIC Trustee Michael Barnes may have moved to South Dakota. Barnes was asked in a letter published in the paper to resign in light of newly discovered facts that he was no longer an Idaho resident. Barnes resigned within hours.

Every time Brent is confronted with facts, he claims he is blackmailed or being targeted. Instead, it is transparent accountability in action, not blackmail.

Regardless of the rabbit hole drama surrounding a trustee’s resignation, the fact remains: The Kootenai County Republican Central Committee has fully invested in the America First platform and strategy. In April, I wrote about the financial connections to the America First out-of-state strategist and the deceptive tactics used. (See

Why won’t Regan acknowledge this connection to the America First movement? Is it because Regan realizes if Idahoans really understood the connection to white supremacy within the America First movement, they would reject it wholeheartedly? Regan knows it would be catastrophic for his ‘KCRCC Brand.’

Recognizing the truth, Mr. Regan, would be a sign of common sense.

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Christa Hazel is a former KCRCC Precinct Committeewoman and a founder of the North Idaho Republicans.