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MY TURN: The story of George is not over

by CHRISTIE WOOD/Guest opinion
| December 7, 2023 1:00 AM

A dog’s life is meant to be cherished and loved. If only they all had that option. Last August, Devin Weeks of the Coeur d’Alene Press wrote a very sweet story titled “Hope for George.” She did a follow up story a few months later.  

George is a beautiful shepherd mix that was most likely dumped by his owner over four years ago. He learned to survive on the streets and particularly at the Cd'A city dump. A little over two years ago George teamed up with the other dog in Devin’s story who was nicknamed “Little Guy” by the residents of the Cd'A public golf course neighborhood. 

Little Guy is now named “Lucky” and he lives with our family. Both dogs had a very difficult life that left them rail thin and afraid of humans. George and Lucky were on Animal Control’s most wanted list for the last few years. They were a bit of a pest to neighbors and were big enough that people were frightened of them. George was finally captured by Animal Control last summer after spending several months wandering the golf course. 

Our family fed both dogs regularly and so did many other golf course residents. But they needed a secure home rather than live like wild dogs. After George was taken to Companion Animal Center, Lucky decided to come and live with us permanently. He has transformed from a very frightened, fleeing animal, into a sweet, loving, happy dog. 

We wish we could have George too, but do not have the space for him. He has been at the shelter since last July. The staff, administration and wonderful volunteers are very kind to George and take good care of him along with all the other animals. However, the shelter can never be considered a permanent home. 

Last summer, George’s history got mixed up with Lucky’s history due to confusion between the two at the shelter. Lucky is the dog that used to run away. George is not a runner. I continue to visit him often at the shelter and he is very loving. It’s a bit of a miracle he is so sweet considering these dogs had not been touched or pet by humans for several years. Dog trainer John Huss literally saved George’s life by spending time working with him at the shelter. 

This Christmas, please consider giving George a kind and loving home. He needs a fenced yard, someone to give him attention, and he absolutely loves other dogs. He will be your most loyal companion and a wonderful addition to your family. Stop by the shelter today and adopt an animal or drop off a donation. They truly are doing the work of angels. Merry Christmas! Visit or call 208-772-4019 to set an appointment to meet George.

Christie Wood is a resident of Coeur d'Alene.