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Forest Service seeks public input on Lindstrom project

| August 31, 2023 1:00 AM

ST. MARIES — The St. Joe Ranger District of the Idaho Panhandle National Forests will propose a forest health project in the 640-acre Lindstrom project area, about 3 miles southwest of Flat Creek on Highway 3 in Benewah County.

The forested project site is within the Carlin Cree — St. Maries River and Beaver Creek-St. Maries River watersheds, which flow into the St. Joe River. The project area is primarily bordered by Idaho endowment lands and private property.

The Lindstrom project is in the development phase to improve forest health by increasing desirable species, providing diversity, reducing tree density and improving the pattern of forest conditions.

The project would also minimize impacts from roads on water quality, provide timber products for the local economy and reduce hazardous fuels in areas where values are at risk.

The project will improve forest health by increasing resiliency to insects, disease, drought and high severity wildfire through vegetation treatments.

Road management would conduct a total of 6 miles of road maintenance, reconditioning, culvert replacements and temporary road construction.

Public comments will be accepted for 30 calendar days following publication on the Forest website Monday, Aug. 28.

Specific comments on the project will help the Forest Service finalize analysis and ensure public concerns are thoroughly considered. The environmental assessment, maps, other supporting documentation and information on how to comment is available on the project website at:

If there are questions about the project, please contact Molly Retzlaff at