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MY TURN: NIC must be protected

by DONNA HARVEY/Guest Opinion
| September 16, 2022 1:00 AM

North Idaho College has been a beloved cornerstone of our community. The KCRCC wants to get rid of public education.

Here’s the truth:

North Idaho College provides training for accounting, autobody, business of all kinds, child development for day-care workers, computer technology, science and cybersecurity, culinary arts, diesel technology, education, engineering, hospitality industrial mechanics, law enforcement, carpentry, electrical technology, medical assistants, nursing, paralegal training, surgical technical training and welding as well as the usual academics, which point students on to four-year college. Many of the trades above can give your child a good living, sometimes better than the living earned by college graduates, especially in today’s employment climate.

If the KCRCC gets rid of NIC, it will have destroyed an institution that has schooled many local young people in trades and professions that have served them well and given them success. Carpenters, electricians, automotive techs and industrial technology students can name their salaries now because of the few people available for work due to losses of workers during COVID either to death, illness or retirement.

NIC is also an affordable way for low- and middle-income families to give their kids an affordable head start on their college career, rather than paying the $40,000 to $70,000 a year for a state or private university. NIC has programs that point these students to the local universities taking in mind the requirements of each college, so the student will have completed all of their requirements for their first two years of college for whatever four-year college they attend.

Sports plus music and dramatic programs enrich the entire community. NIC also is the home of the much-loved Art on the Green. NIC brings not only students into our community, but also people from all over the country to enjoy the various entertainments the college hosts.

In the coming election three people will be on the ballot who have pledged to protect and preserve our beloved college. I would think parents would vote to keep this valuable asset to their children's future in place and thriving.

• • •

Donna Harvey is a resident of Hayden.

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