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Kindness card project comes to town

| October 3, 2022 1:07 AM

Kindness is about to be shared throughout the Coeur d’Alene area.

“Love Lives Here CDA, a program of the Human Rights Education Institute, is excited to bring the community together to show their appreciation of their community neighbors by spreading affirmations of love and kindness to their neighbors through kindness cards,” said an HREI news release announcing the project.

Love Lives Here’s Kindness Card project is partially funded by the Idaho Community Foundation’s Project Neighborly grant which funds projects that encourage communities to explore the question, “How can we become better neighbors?”

To be eligible to participate as a volunteer, sign up at by Oct. 4.

There are three ways individuals are able to participate in the event. Individuals who register to participate have the option of writing their own kindness cards by picking up the cards from the Human Rights Education Institute on Oct. 11 or the Hayden Public Library on Oct. 12. They may also have the cards delivered directly to them. Individuals also have the option to attend a writing party at one of the four locations above during the allotted times.

In addition to individuals writing cards, Love Lives Here also needs organizations to sign up to receive kindness cards to give out to their employees. To do this, a point person for the organization should reach out to Love Lives Here and request the number of cards they would like to receive by Oct. 24 or 26. To sign up for this option, organizations may email