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Main Street: Striking it rich on epic road trip

| May 11, 2022 1:00 AM

Late Saturday afternoon, millions of television sets were tuned to the greatest two minutes in sports, aka the Kentucky Derby. Over 147,000 spectators were at Churchill Downs to experience the 148th run for the roses up close and personal.

Some of the locals who made the iconic bucket list trip to Louisville, Ky., on the first Saturday in May were Elaine and Todd Damschen, Charlie Knudtsen and George Parsons. But it was the pair of friends, Barbara Koerner and Vicki Currie, who took a road trip for the ages, flying to Florida and renting a car.

They would travel to and through eight states in their Derby adventure; Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Mississippi. Vicki said they took the scenic route through Mississippi and Alabama only because neither of them had ever been to those states. I like how they roll!

On Saturday, they donned their fancy hats and mingled with the masses at the Derby. Race No. 12 was the big one, and both Vicki and Barb placed modest bets. When the race began, no one paid much attention to the longshot, late-entered No. 21, Rich Strike. Terrible post position and a horse that only entered the Derby field the day before when another horse was scratched and listed at 80-1 odds.

Barb bet $2 on Rich Strike, and after one of the most thrilling come-from-behind victories ever at the Derby, she struck it rich with a $267.50 payout.

Here’s to big hats, mint juleps, long shots, seer sucker, fast horses, $2 bets and road trips!


Tuesday, May 17 is primary election day. For over three decades our polling place in Precinct 24 has been Calvary Lutheran Church. Bert and I were notified by the Kootenai County Elections Department beginning this election our precinct number is now 506, and our polling place has changed to St. George’s Catholic Church. The poll workers in Precinct 24 have always been a treat, and not just because there were cookies and treats for voters. I’m hoping to see familiar faces working at our new polling location.

I prefer in-person voting. When I drop my ballot in the locked box, the worker saying out loud, “Kerri Thoreson has voted,” makes me wax patriotic, always proud to wear the I VOTED! sticker as part of the election day ritual.

Good people with the determination and courage to place their name on the ballot always inspire. Vote!


Calling all grads of Coeur d’Alene High School’s Class of 1982 … you’re celebrating your 40th high school reunion on July 15, 16 and 17! If you haven’t signed up or need details, contact Erin Bonds Delaney, 208-292-7810, Once a Viking, always a Viking!


When my daughter dropped me at Phoenix/Sky Harbor Airport for the flight home after a week in the sunshine, the outdoor temperature was a balmy 100 degrees. Just over two hours later, when I landed in Spokane, the temperature was 55 degrees colder. I was welcomed home by thunder, lightning, in a downpour blowing sideways. I seriously considered hopping back on a plane headed south.

I’m very much over mid-May freeze warnings and rain.


Happy Birthday today to Anne Hagman (60!), Jason Mealer, Debra Altman, Anthony Skarisky, Stephanie Knox, Chad Todd and Sharon Culbreth. Tomorrow Mary Rawlsky, Allison Cook, Lynette Walsh, Bob Hoskins, Jason Penzkover, Craig Ziegler, Olivia Jacobsen, Wyatt Dickinson and Jon Brewer put on their party hats. On lucky Friday the 13th Kathy Hlebichuk, Butch Marks (70!), Steve Pollard (70!), Tim Cushman (70!), Judy Brooks (70!), Charlie Morris and PJ Christo do a birthday jig. Sharing my May 14 birthday are Williene Gagnon, Stephanie Davenport, KJ Brant, Jaime Cornwell, Macy Ducoeur, Mark Hemenway, Rita Preston, Randy McKahn, Jake Hobbs, Kathy White, Liz Ricciardi, Breanne Ruff, Kimberly Westrick, Kristi Messinger, Caren Easterly, Bill Ohlfs, Linda Green, Katie Bane, Mitch Bevacqua, Chrissy Johnson and Averie Barnes. On Sunday Suzanna Spencer, Al Harrison (70!), Lorri Gum, Patricia Braddock, Jack Wheir and Barbara Welch take another trip around the sun. Monday birthdays will be celebrated by Wednesday Walton, Diane Wahl (70!), Kari Malkovich, Cindy Barnes, Natalie Fritz and Michelle Richter. Blowing out the candles on Tuesday are Bryan Myers, Allison Krutulis, Jared Janke, Brad Finney, Shawntel Shofner, Brad Enders and Christine Brannon.


Kerri Rankin Thoreson is a member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists and the former publisher of the Post Falls Tribune. Main Street appears every Wednesday in The Press and Kerri can be contacted on Facebook or via email Follow her on Twitter @kerrithoreson.

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