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Fillios running again for commissioner

| March 11, 2022 1:00 AM

Kootenai County Commissioner Chris Fillios announced Thursday he's seeking re-election.

Fillios, a Republican who has served the past five years as a commissioner, says growth is the issue he hears most about from county residents. Here are four ways he said he'll address growth in the next term:

• Instituting impact fees for new residential and commercial development

• Exploring the purchase of open space — in the hundreds of acres

• Expanding the Motor Vehicle and Licensing departments via the county's new facility known as Kootenai North (the former Kootenai Electric offices on Dakota Avenue in Hayden)

• Increasing efforts for area lakes’ health and safety

Fillios also listed some of the accomplishments he's led over the past five years, including:

• Containing annual county property tax increases to an average of 1.5% (versus 3% maximum)

• Producing a growth plan document to meet the challenges of an ever-increasing population

• Raising law enforcement wages to a more competitive level with other jurisdictions, and initiating creation of a matrix pay plan for all county employees

• Chaired CLAC (Cd'A Lake Advisory Committee) to reduce nutrient deposits for a healthier lake

The current chairman of the board also said he's proud of the openness with which commissioners are operating.

"Ethical government demands transparency, and to this end I routinely ask for public comment at every public meeting," he said. "Additionally, I supported efforts to provide livestream access to those meetings as well as YouTube availability."

For more information: chrisforkootenai.com.