Sunday, August 14, 2022

ROE V. WADE: More than matter

| June 29, 2022 1:00 AM

For the woke jokesters and abortion devotees, a few observations.

European trade in African slaves saw some 13 million people violently torn from families and homes and shipped to America over the course of about 330 years. As it went, following their vicious capture and kidnapping, those people surviving the squalors of transport — and their subsequent generations — were brutalized, killed, and otherwise diminished, dominated and destroyed, all while being permitted to keep none of the products of their labor.

That happened legally.

Blacks in the United States have endured approximately 19 million abortions in the 49 years since 1973. This practice involves ripping people from wombs — literally piece by piece — and the sale of their body parts (marketed as “fetal tissue”) throughout the country.

That too happens legally, and much of that carnage is endorsed, promoted and celebrated by white progressives.

Make of these facts whatever you like.

Law does not create morality; it is informed by morality. Without morality, there is no law, only codification of aggression and murder.

If lives are actually to matter, they must first be considered something other than matter alone.

Happy bumper stickers,



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