Saturday, August 13, 2022

My Turn: Capital Sun series left gaping holes

| January 8, 2022 1:00 AM

Regarding the multi-part article from the Idaho Capital Sun/Audrey Dutton byline, republished in the CDA Press:

So as a reader, am I to believe this is an unbiased ‘report’ on how Idaho is somehow an oddity from the rest of the United States? I read all three parts of the article and found the following missing or perhaps intentionally not discussed:

1) No discussion of absolute censorship of information;

2) No discussion on the refusal of government entities to institute any significant study of alternative medications other than gene therapies, erroneously referred to as ‘vaccines’ until the definition of ‘vaccine’ was changed;

3) No discussion of deaths ‘in hospital’ with government protocol only followed;

4) No discussion of why the government did not attempt to establish a treatment policy with drugs and vitamins for infected persons AT HOME, provide pulse oximeter, etc;

5) No discussion of the fact that there is no peer reviewed study that shows that masks do anything to mitigate virus transmission and what kind;

6) There is a rather significant group of respected doctors and epidemiologists that have attempted to publish and disseminate information on inexpensive medications that could, if taken early, reduce the severity of the virus;

7) That doctors with alternative therapies were systemically demonized;

8) That HIPAA is a Federal law that prohibits anyone from accessing medical information of an individual without specific permission of that individual yet there is no discussion on how this law is somehow superceded now;

9) Why is there no discussion on where the flu went for the past couple of years? The ‘PCR” test cannot tell the difference between the COVID and the flu;

10) Why is there no government push to make sure the VAERS reporting is made as required by every agency?

11) Pfizer want to keep records of the vaccine sealed for 75 years. Isn’t the public served by full disclosure immediately?

12) Why would government pay hospitals a ‘bonus’ for COVID-19 patients? By what measure is having COVID patients a ‘bonusable’ event? Plus there seems to be no penalty for over reporting either.

13) Many studies, albeit not ‘big pharma driven’ suggest that vitamin D3 in the 3000 to 5000 IU range and vitamin C in the range of 1000 to 2000 IUs a day can be a distinctive deterrent to the virus, yet nothing has been said, suggested, promulgated to suggest that citizens make sure they have adequate levels, perhaps even have the government supply reduced price or free vitamins. Maybe the profit motive is at work given big pharma’s windfall from the newly defined vaccines.

14) Why the ‘misinformation’ (article’s words) section focused on local doctors when nationally there are a myriad of well-respected doctors saying the way this pandemic (is it really?) has been handled is incorrect? Many said the situation would have been handled better by focusing on the most vulnerable (elderly with significant co-morbidities) no lockdowns, no mandatory vaccines, no censorship, no politics, lots of info on how to take care of your personal health to give you the best opportunity of resistance to COVID.

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