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CRISIS: Papers peddle misinformation

| January 7, 2022 1:00 AM

This is a letter in response to your series on COVID misinformation.

The first line of your article should start with:

Medical doctors are not allowed to practice medicine with their COVID patients.

Your investigative reporter should have an article about this sobering fact.

Why have the majority of medical professionals not been allowed to treat COVID patients prior to being hospitalized?

There are multi-modality successful treatments.

And yet the FDA, CDC, WHO, various federal and state agencies have all closed the opportunities for physicians. Many physicians have lost their medical licenses who treated patients. Pharmacists have refused to fill physician prescriptions for medications such as ivermectin and hydroxychloraquine.

When viruses become less virulent it is indicative of the end of a viral pandemic.

There are indications once an individual contracts Omicron, the antibodies developed are effective against the Delta variant.

This is a sign of a virus winding down.

Instead newspapers like Coeur d’Alene Press, Idaho Capitol Sun, TV personalities, AP, etc. would rather sound an alarm about the latest COVID variant. Social media continues to disallow a free flow of information.

Be afraid. Wear a mask. Isolate. Vaccinate with a vaccine with no long-term studies at hand. Stop using medications with proven efficacy against viruses.

Time for our news media to start investigating rather than repeating a lie of “misinformation.”

I am quoting another:

For the politicians who have assumed authority over our daily lives and businesses:

We are not your subjects.

You are not our King.