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NIC: Trustees should reinstate Swayne immediately

| December 21, 2022 1:00 AM

The recent actions of the Board of Trustees have not been in the interest of the students. The way this board has been functioning is not acceptable. The whispering, side conversations, and private conversations need to end. In a public meeting, there’s absolutely no reason to have a conversation that can’t be heard by the entire room unless you have something to hide. The students see this kind of behavior and nothing about it makes them feel represented or confident in those elected to make decisions on their behalf. This is no way for the Board of Trustees to be behaving knowing that the NWCCU is watching.

Placing President Swayne on immediate administrative leave was the final straw in a long line of inappropriate behavior by the Board. For them to undo all of the work by the Presidential Search Committee and then try to select an Interim President without consulting constituents is wildly inappropriate, and is overstepping their limits of power to say the least. Dr. Nick Swayne has always demonstrated a “student-first” mindset in everything he does. For the Board to go after him causes a direct loss to the students.

If the Board of Trustees truly wants students to feel heard and represented on campus, they will need to make serious revisions to their behavior. If the Board of Trustees respects the student voice as much as they claim to, then they will take this resolution to heart, starting with reinstating President Nick Swayne effective immediately.


North Idaho College student